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- one of the most powerful bactericidal deodoriser

- superb quality product with a very special perfume

-suitable for use on carpets, fabrics, floors, walls, etc

-this product will identify the source of odour & it will kill it

-no similar product available from other brands

-suitable for domestic and commercial cleaning


Craftex Imperial Topaz & Fragrant Spice - Where to use

This superb bactericidal deodoriser is much different than what is already available on the market. This product contains a beautiful perfume that will last for many weeks. Craftex Imperial Topaz & Fragrant Spice can be used as a deodoriser and bacteria killer. This product is suitable for use on carpets. sofas, upholstery, curtains, floors, etc. This product was designed to get rid of any type of bad odour from most types of surfaces.


Craftex Imperial Topaz & Fragrant Spice - How to use

This is a powerful odour neutraliser and bacteria killer. It can be used for refreshing and getting rid of odours from most types of surface. You can add it to your solution tank if you are a carpet cleaning contractor, you can add it to your mopping solution if you want to get rid of odours from floors, you can spray it with a pressure pump or a spray all over the carpet, sofas, curtains, rugs, etc. One of the most pleasant perfumes available from an odour neutralising product. This powerful odour neutraliser will neutralise the source of the bad odour.


Craftex Imperial Topaz & Fragrant Spice - Dilution

This is a highly concentrated odour neutraliser. It will require dilution but the dilution rate will depend on the type of work that you plan to undertake. A standard dilution rate of 1 to 100 will apply for floor cleaning and carpet odour neutralising. If the source of odor is very tough, you can use a dilution rate of 1 to 20 or less and you should repeat the treatment until the odour is gone. It can be used undiluted as well.


You're just about to use one of the most efficient and powerful odour neutralisers available from Craftex. This product is highly appreciated all over the world. It acts fast and it lasts for very long periods of time. If you are a carpet cleaning contractor, you need to try this product. Your customers will be very impressed with the beautiful perfume left behind.


Craftex Imperial Topaz & Fragrant Spice - professional products for less!




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