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-highly efficient spot & stain remover

-to be used on all carpets and fabrics

-use direct on the stain and then scrub

-safe, efficient, cost effective & affordable

-recommended to use on sensitive fibres

Craftex Microsplit Sprayer 1L Review

Cleaning is a core aspect of caring for your carpets and fabrics. They accumulate dirt over time, from the environmental aspects like dust and allergens floating around and getting trapped by the fibres, to food and drink spills that end up staining the material. When cleaning, stubborn spots can be frustrating to deal with. They cause you to spend loads of time scrubbing the area without making much progress. You want a solution that can break down the gunk that hat has built up, and dissolve those stains that are clinging onto the fibres. You can achieve that with the Craftex Microsplit Sprayer 1L.

Benefits Of The Craftex Microsplit Sprayer 1L

1. Tough cleaning action

Designed for both spot treatment and general cleaning, the Craftex Microsplit Sprayer 1L comes with high efficacy cleaning action, to get rid of those stubborn stains and dirt spots that are on your carpets and fabrics. Whether it's a minor accident from the breakfast table that ended up on your carpet, a spill on your fabrics, or heavy soiling that has built up in the fibres of the material, you can turn to the Craftex Microsplit Sprayer 1L to remove it with ease. It can be used as the cleaning product itself, or as a pre-spray for those heavily soiled areas.

2. Quick cleaning

The Craftex Microsplit Sprayer 1L has a fast and easy application. For starters, it comes ready-to-use. You won’t have to struggle with dilution ratios, which makes it a popular option for dealing with those unfortunate spill accident the moment they happen. You won’t need to wait till later on during the general cleaning to carry it out.

3. Safe carpet and fabric care

The Craftex Microsplit Sprayer 1L breaks down the soiling and stubborn stains without using harsh chemicals. It's a solvent free product and non-toxic, which also means that there won’t be fumes to worry about. It also comes without optical brighteners. The Craftex Microsplit Sprayer 1L is additionally safe to use on sensitive material such as wool, as there are no enzymes to break down the structure of the fibres.

4. Affordable

You get all this without denting your wallet. The Craftex Microsplit Sprayer 1L comes with a pocket-friendly price tag, and its high efficacy gives you a value return for your purchase. Since it easily breaks down the stains and grime, it also reduces that amount of resources you spend on your cleaning supplies.

How To Use The Craftex Microsplit Sprayer 1L

1. Start by blotting up the excess spillage. Note that it’s "blot", not "rub". Rubbing works the spill deeper into the carpet's fibres.

2. Spray the Craftex Microsplit Sprayer 1L directly onto the stain.

3. Wipe using a white absorbent cloth (which should be clean to begin with).

For those stubborn stains, you can repeat the spraying and wiping for 2 or 3 times. However, ensure that you dry the spot in between each subsequent treatment.

4. Use a damp white cloth to wipe the spot.

5. Rinse with water.

6. Allow to dry.

Remember to test for colour fastness, especially when you’re uncertain of the product’s compatibility with your particular carpet or fabric.

Craftex Microsplit Sprayer 1L

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