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-this is a fine, high grade carpet cleaning powder

-suitable for carpet, sofa, upholstery, curtain, rug cleaning

-carpet cleaning powder with a strong lemon perfume

-contains extra cleaning agent & water softening agent

-it contains a very powerful defoamer and optical brightener

-one of the most cost effective carpet cleaning powder

-it requires a dilution of 1 to 500!


Craftex Top Grade Powder - Where to use

Craftex Top Grade Powder is the ideal carpet cleaning agent. One 5 kg bucket contains enough carpet cleaning powder to clean the carpets in 100 three bed house or over 150 three seat suits. This magic carpet cleaning powder is safe to use on all types of carpets, including wool, all types of sofas, rugs, most curtains, car seats, etc. It will clean and refresh any type of washable surface in conjunction with a water extraction machine. Much longer lasting and much more efficient than other carpet cleaning powders available out there. For better results please add Craftex Citrus Deodoriser.


Craftex Top Grade Powder - How to use

This product is a carpet cleaning powder and it needs to be used with water extraction carpet cleaning machines. It works with both, cold & warm water but it gets the best results if used in a hot mixing solution. Always mix up the powder with the water in a bucket outside the solution tank to make sure that the powder has disolved 100%. Some very dirty carpets of fibre might require a pre spray with about 20 minutes before the clean. Only use the recommended dilution to prevent waste and sticky carpets. By adding more carpet cleaning powder per mix than required you won`t get better results.


Craftex Top Grade Powder - Dilution

Craftex Top Grade Powder has become such a popular carpet cleaning powder due to its huge dilution rate of 1 to 500 and its superb pricing. 50 L of solution will only require 2 to 3 scoops of carpet cleaning detergent. The usual dilution rate is half scoop per 10l of water. If you need to do a pre spray you can use 1 scoop per bucket of 10 litres of water. Respect the dilution rate and enjoy the benefits. It is estimatated that Craftex Top Grade Powder has reduced the price of carpet cleaning detergent required per house at less than 30 cents! No other carpet cleaning powder can provide such results at this price.


Try Craftex Top Grade Powder now and you will love it. This product is designed to improve your productivity while reducing costs. Like all other Craftex products, this magic carpet cleaning powder is a very eco frienly product that can be used around asthmatics, pets, kids and pregnant woman.


Craftex Top Grade Powder - professional cleaning results for less!


Here some good information about carpet cleaning powder:


 A Step-By- Step Guide For Carpet Cleaning Powder


A carpet is one of the most important household items because it brings about versatility to your house's décor and greatly improves insulation. A carpet is at the epicenter of all activities that go on in the house. That means it's a magnet for all sorts of things including harmful germs, bacteria, stains, spills, and pet urine. With that said, proper cleaning must be applied to it to ensure it always remains clean and mitigates build up of dirt and germs which may cause the spread of harmful diseases.
Carpet cleaning could be a daunting task if you chose to clean yourself. However, with so many cleaning companies available in the market today offering effective and efficient cleaning in the shortest time possible, the chore has become even more fun. Before cleaning your carpet, there are certain factors that must be put into consideration. First, one should be well aware of the kind of material the carpet is manufactured of. Carpets also come in different colors and design. They also differ regarding quality and other characteristics. Once these factors have been considered, the most appropriate carpet cleaning solution and materials necessary for the cleaning are assembled. The carpet cleaning solution depends on the carpet material. Some carpets may necessitate the use of a machine, while other may need carpet cleaning powders. Carpet cleaning powders are easy to work with, have fewer risks and don't bust your budget.

The following is an outline of the carpet cleaning methods you can utilize today:

Dry Carpet Cleaning
Dry carpet cleaning is sometimes referred to as compound cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning chiefly involves the use of carpet cleaning powders. It is one of the newest technologies in the marketplace today and has attained immeasurable approvals and popularity by top carpet manufacturers due to its efficient and effective cleaning performance. It is also more convenient as it doesn't need drying time.

Dry carpet cleaning was invented in the 1980s. Since the discovery, there are numerous cleaning powders and compounds that have been created in the marketplace. The fact that dry carpet cleaning has made late inroads into the marketplace compared with the traditional carpet cleaning options that have been available and used for decades now, most people still don't appreciate the effectiveness of the method.
The hallmark is the careful application of the carpet cleaning powder or compound into the bottom of the side of the carpet by use of a rotating machine, the motorized counter-rotating brush machine. The machine opens up the fibers of the carpet and enables the carpet cleaning powder to sit in. The result is a deep rigorously cleaned carpet free from odor.

The carpet cleaning powder is quintessentially manufactured from biodegradable material which functions exactly like micro-sponges. The carpet cleaning powder can efficiently absorb dissolved dirt and can be gotten rid of rigorously at the end of the cleaning process. Manufacturers distinguish themselves from competition by developing their own carpet cleaning powder formulas. They, in addition, customize equipment function and design. Dry carpet cleaning is the safest bet for commercial establishments that operate 24/7 as they don't shut down operations. The method is also safe to use for all carpet types available in the market.

Bonnet Cleaning

Compared with carpet cleaning powders, Bonnet cleaning technique produces excellent surface cleaning outcomes because the procedure majorly entails cleaning of the upper part of the carpet fiber by use of heavy motorized carpet washing

Bonnet cleaning is more popular in hotel setups where there is massive traffic, and so it offers quick fixes to stained carpets in public settings without a lot of moisture and is capable of quickly drying up to mitigate inconveniences to clientele. The downside to bonnet cleaning is that it doesn't clean the carpet deeply the way carpet cleaning powder does. Dirt would come back on within a few weeks and make the carpet dirty again, and the cycle would continue. Bonnet cleaning contributes mightily to a buildup of chemical residue in the carpet; this is so due to pressure from the heavy duty carpet cleaning machine on the spinning pad that pushes the remaining dirt and chemicals applied to the carpet.

Carpet shampooing

Carpet shampooing was popular until the 1970s when encapsulation technology came to the fore. Carpet shampooing might seem an effective method in cleaning heavy soiled carpets but what makes it unpopular among carpet cleaning methods is that it leaves behind huge quantities of wet foam residues that take exceedingly longer drying spells. After drying up, it becomes so sticky as no rinsing is done at all after the cleaning procedure thus resulting to massive carpet re-soiling.


Compared to carpet cleaning powder, foam encapsulation utilizes synthetic detergents as a base cleaning agent. The detergents will eventually crystallize into powder after the carpet dries up. The loose dirt particles contained in the carpet fiber are encapsulated into powder form when the cleaning foam dries and ultimately vacuumed. The encapsulation carpet cleaning technique has superseded shampooing cleaning technology as encapsulation require little use of water during the cleaning process and take significantly shorter timelines to dry up. Environmental conservatives have highly advocated the use of encapsulation technique due to its use of environment-friendly products; there is also little chemicals left behind after cleaning and drying compared to carpet cleaning powders and shampooing. Despite the hype surrounding the encapsulation cleaning technique, it has not succeeded in the rigorous cleaning of huge soiled carpets because of limitations in technology.

Hot water extraction cleaning

It's sometimes referred to as steam carpet cleaning and utilizes hot high pressured water to disturb the carpet fibers and consequently dissolve the dirt. Hot water extraction cleaning quintessentially entails deep application of a cleaning agent directly on the soiled area, using a brush to agitate the fabric and finally rinsing it. The cleaning agent is normally given time to sit on the carpet. Later, the carpet is washed using the carpet cleaning machine. The machine will eventually rinse the agent rigorously and ultimately left to dry up in separate rooms or air conditioned environments. Averagely, an office carpet with an estimated length of 300 sq ft would in numerous occasions approximately require 2 hours cleaning time and 4 hours of drying. Most cleaning companies advise their clients to schedule carpet cleanings in the late afternoons so that the carpet is allowed to stay out overnight to dry. The late afternoon choice will not inconvenience office activities as by morning the carpet will be dry and back in its place.

Facts about Carpet Cleaning Powders

When a new cleaning technology hits the market, people are at a loss when, how and if to embrace the technology. A case In point is the use of carpet cleaning powder. Well, it's the newest technology but has been around for a while now. Individuals are always apprehensive about the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of carpet cleaning powders or dry cleaning for that matter. We will expound on the proper usage, safety and effectiveness of carpet cleaning powders in this column.
The dry carpet cleaning method that utilizes carpet cleaning powders does not involve water usage. The main component comprises dry cleaning powder or component that contains a little moisture, detergent, absorbent and solvent. This is how it works; the carpet cleaning powder is sprinkled, the moisture, in turn, dissolves the soil which later mixes with the detergent and solvent. Ultimately, the mixture gets attracted and taken up by the absorbent and later on vacuumed.
Equally other methods are available out there called dry cleaning. But ideally, dry cleaning can't really be called so because somehow water is involved. Cleaning your carpet by use of carpet cleaning powder can be applied to almost all carpet fibers; only you have to ensure that the powder or compound used is the correct for the fiber type in question. To get this information accurately, contact the local cleaning professionals. Better yet, a good search would yield limitless solution to your query. Use of carpet cleaning powders or components is suited for wool, silk and color bleeding fibers.

How To Use The Carpet Cleaning Powder Method/Dry Cleaning Method

First and foremost, you need to vacuum. The carpet cleaning powder mixture is later sprinkled. The next stage is the working of the carpet by use of a brush or heavy duty vibrating machine. You can avoid the hustle by just renting the machine. The carpet is then left alone to rest for sometime depending on the degree of dirt. In the process of resting, the dirt, soil, and moisture cleaned mixes and the carpet finally vacuumed. If stains are manifested, you need to apply stain treatment procedure first before you sprinkle the carpet cleaning powder. At all times, ensure you authenticate that the mixture will be appropriate for the process before using. You can achieve this by doing a demo cleaning on a ragged piece of carpet or a small stained area that would be hard to realize.

Is This Method Appropriate?

The major case against carpet cleaning powder or dry cleaning for that matter is purely on its incapability to perform a satisfactory task. You may vacuum to your best effort, but some residual remnants will always show. This process mimics the procedure of pouring hair cleaning components and using a towel or hard cleaning brush to work through and eventually vacuum off. Is your hairy really that clean? Another contentious issue about carpet cleaning powder is quick re-soiling immediately after the whole procedure because of detergent and soil residue. It can be quite daunting to get quantities of these chemicals and powders for the entire apartment or room. While the manufacturers of these carpet cleaning powders and mixtures guarantee safety, it is a frightening prospect when you have small kids always crawling over the residue left behind.

It is a popular opinion that use of carpet cleaning powder must be restricted to different scenarios regarding use. Having noted earlier, dry cleaning method can be effectively applied to wool and silk fibers especially where endless steam cleaning use may result to overstretching and damage. If you must use carpet cleaning powders in a house with busy bodies, then do it when the carpet is really dirty. Dry cleaning can be leveraged in high traffic patches as a quick fix before the actual cleaning is done.

Useful Pointers When Looking For Carpet Cleaning Products
The rate of the overflow of carpet cleaning products in the marketplace is so overwhelming you can be confused about the choice. You can be torn between what to buy and what to avoid. Before we delve into the intricacies, you must want to familiarize yourself with the factors that contribute to a good carpet cleaning product. An effective carpet cleaning powder/solution must meet the below-mentioned criteria;

It must be capable of effectively and efficiently eradicating all stains and spillages
It must not bear visual brightness
It must be carpet friendly; meaning, it must not in any way negatively affect carpet fibers.
When applied, it must not remove or affect carpet coloration
The carpet texture must remain the same irrespective of the levels of cleanliness
Companies that manufacture carpet cleaning powders and other cleaning products have spot-removing capabilities inserted in their product descriptions, and they purport to crystallize even grease spots enabling carpet vacuuming easier. They purportedly counteract the molecules and get rid of fungi and bacteria which contribute enormously to unpleasant smell. They in most occasions work, but at times they don't.
Most of these carpet cleaning products are obtainable in powder form and must be sprinkled in uniformity to the targeted area and worked into the carpet by use of vacuum cleaner or brush. This carpet cleaning powder will later be left to sit in for a specific time frame to work itself into the fabric. The majority of carpet cleaning powders have stain eradication characteristics and can effectively help in chewing gum misfortune.

Speed is the single most important aspect that will guarantee the cleanliness of your carpet. By now you must be aware that however prudent you try to be, spillages and pet related stains on your carpet are inevitable. The urgency with which you respond to the mishap, the easier and faster it will be to get rid of the stain. One important rule of thumb is always to keep in handy old absorbent white towels or paper towels to blot spills the moment they occur.
With most fresh stains, you don't really need advanced cleaning like the use of carpet cleaning powders. You can easily get rid of them by using vinegar, water or club soda, detergent or peroxide added to water. But the old and many resistant stains require significantly stronger carpet cleaning powders and solutions. If you are dealing with large forms of stains, an expert cleaning company will go a long way. Better yet, you can rent a mechanized steam cleaner and use warm water to get rid of the stain.

'Avoid buying cleaners with bleach.'' That's a golden rule repeatedly overlooked but must at all times be put into perspective. Your carpet will be seriously devastated and rendered irreparable if you continuously use bleach. Another rule of thumb while undertaking the cleaning procedure is always to desist from inhaling fumes or exposing your skin to carpet clea

ning powders and solutions for a long time. Once you're done cleaning, it is highly recommended to open the doors and windows for enough circulation of fresh air.
As opposed to carpet cleaning powders, most liquid stains can be eradicated by utilizing the blotting and sponging technique. A classic example is the coffee stain that can effectively be eradicated within a minute by directly sponging off using warm water. But if you are faced with coffee or old tea stain, glycerin will do the loosening much quicker. Red wine spills are particularly commonplace; to remove, pour club soda directly on the stain, and then blot it. You can only use detergent if the stain becomes stubborn. If you are faced with shoe polish stains, remove them by simply rinsing with a mixture of white spirit and water. If the results don't show try detergent based cleaning and initiate a final rinse.

How Can You Make Your Own Carpet freshening Powder?

Apart from thorough cleaning of your carpet, it is essential that it smells good. You can easily find commercial carpet freshening powders in the marketplace. If your budget is already busted, you can make your homemade freshening powder using a few simple but effective steps.
Essential oil(choose your favorite) use 6-8 drops
Baking soda; cup
A nice container to store the powder
Combine the ingredients listed above. Place the powder in the container and add the drops. Give it a thorough shake after screwing the lid on. The drops will be dispersed throughout the powder after shaking. It's really that simple. What you have to do next is sprinkle the powder on top of the carpet. Give it 5 to 15 minutes and vacuum as normal. This is the most effective carpet freshening technique if you have children and pets crawling over your carpet now and then. Different oil aromas are easily available without much hassle including Bergamot, vanilla, rose, peppermint, lavender and jasmine. Your ultimate carpet refreshing powder must be kept in a sealed container. The best way to manage the powder is to make the required amount for the particular freshening task

Carpet cleaning powder treatment versus liquid treatments

According to research by healthy child, chemicals and powders used in carpet cleaning regimen may contain vast amounts of chemicals, for instance, sodium hydroxide, pesticides and formaldehyde. The chemical residue present in liquid treatments, that act as solvents, may wear down or damage the carpet fiber altogether. Carpet fiber residue, if not wholly gotten rid of from carpets after cleaning exercise, can be easily inhaled which is a potential health hazard.
Another point to put into consideration for carpet cleaning powders, and more so deodorizing powders, is that the fragrance emanating from them could cause irritation which may result in chronic respiratory disorders or allergies.

If you decide to utilize carpet cleaning powders or deodorants, make certain that you thoroughly read the label to understand any potentially harmful substance. Keeping your carpet clean by regularly cleaning it and applying additional treatments as required is your best bet to mitigate potential negative side effects of carpet cleaning powders.

Effective Carpet Cleaning Agents That Are Harm-free To Humans, Pets, And The Environment

When you want to go about your carpet cleaning regimen, you may be tagged back because of the harsh chemicals included in commercial carpet cleaning powders. A lot of synthetic compounds duly approved by concerned specialists may after all not be suitable for household applications because they prove toxic over and above certain concentrations. In addition, the chances of getting allergies increase due to infrequent use of such chemicals. The allergies may take time to notice till symptoms begin to manifest. Our roads and airwaves are these days dotted with awareness about green carpet cleaning alternatives to harmful commercial options. The following carpet cleaning agents are guaranteed to be free from harsh chemicals, and you can try them;

Baking Soda

As the name suggests, baking soda is largely used in creating delicious baked products and is easily obtainable. It is whitish and chemically referred to as sodium bicarbonate. It is an effective cleaning agent, gentle on hand and safe to use. If mixed with natural water, it forms an alkaline paste and so the PH level is closer to that of regular soap. Particularly, it's effective in removing tarnish and rust from surfaces of objects and metals. It's also an awesome stain remover, specifically beverage stains on carpets. It brings back a sense of freshness to fabrics when sprinkled over smelly patches.

Lemon juice

We all know that lemons are found in almost every home, so availability is never a problem. Citric acid is an element found in lemon that gives it the characteristic bitter taste. The weak citric acid means that the PH is just above mineral acids, for example, hydrochloric acid. Essentially, lemon juice is not classified as an acid, so it can be used in the daily house chores such as cleaning, cooking, beauty recipes just to name but a few. In the chemical process, fat is emulsified by acid triggering a chemical breakdown. This breakdown capability gives lemons an edge when it comes to cleaning of areas with oil or coating of grease. The fact that lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent, it's widely used for stain removal. Lemon also doubles up as a deodorizer due to its lingering and pleasant citrus scent.

Essential oils enjoy a huge market share in the perfume and beauty world because of their alluring, beauty perks, health and the fact that they match well with pet and human bodies. The good thing is that diluted essential oils are readily available in the marketplace at pocket-friendly prices. They can conveniently be added to cleaning recipes and act as deodorizing agents.

Cider or white vinegar

Acetic acid makes up 5% of vinegar, which qualifies it as a weak acid hence can solve numerous cleaning problems. It is readily available at your local retail shop and comes in different forms. Due to its acidic properties, vinegar acts as an immaculate and strong cleaning agent. Vinegar is especially strong on greasy objects or surfaces. You can easily create many mixtures using vinegar as the primary ingredient and spray over offending surfaces or objects.


Household cleaning agents such as laundry soaps and dishwashing liquids easily dissolve in natural water to form a mild and alkaline cleaner. It is highly advisable that warm water is used because it accelerates stain eradication power and renders the surface sparkling and clean. You are free to use whatever brand you wish but make certain that you read the label before using to avoid the risk of chemical contamination. To get brilliant results, first, wash the dirty carpet with soapy water and let it dry. After drying vacuum it.
Making use of helpful, safe and conveniently available cleaning agents for your regular carpet cleaning will ensure your home smells nice and stays spotlessly clean. In this day and age where climate change and environmental conservation aspects are greatly emphasized, companies that manufacture green cleaning products will reap greater rewards.

Carpet cleaning equipment

Apart from the carpet cleaning powders outlined, you might want to know more about the carpet cleaning equipment you can employ to clean up your carpet.
Vacuum cleaner
When we talk about cleaning in this column, we are basically talking about surface cleaning. There are four kinds of vacuum cleaners available in the marketplace today; the Canister, the Upright, the Spotters and the Handheld. The Canister is differentiated from the Upright chiefly by design and not functionality. A lot of people swear allegiance to the Upright vacuum cleaner because it's more convenient to handle. For small carpeted places and stairs, the best bet will be the Handheld vacuum cleaner. Spotters vacuum cleaners are developed to get rid of stains and spots. It particularly effective if used immediately a stain or spot occurs.
If you want deep cleaning for your carpet, you can shampoo it, use the carpet cleaning method or otherwise known as dry cleaning method, steaming method or work it out with a bonnet pad. There are different varieties of shampoos available in the market. A mild shampoo is heavily recommended because it's friendly to your hands and does not affect the carpet fabric. The same recommendation goes to carpet cleaning powder methods like the dry cleaning. You should use mild solvents to dissolve the dirt followed by thorough vacuuming.

For steam cleaning, 2 equipment are handy; 'the self-stain'', that has a steamer but also vacuums and the 'steam'', that doesn't have vacuum capabilities; it only steams. After using the steam which doesn't have a vacuum, it's upon you to look for a vacuum cleaner and vacuum the carpet. Flexibility of the bonnet pad is vital so that it moves uninterrupted at high speeds. The required equipment comprises the bonnet cleaning machine and a cleaning solution that will be rotated on the surface of the carpet at greater speeds. Essentially, a vacuum cleaner is meant to be used after the bonnet cleaning.

The carpet cleaning accessories that must be present for the carpet cleaning equipment to function include dust bags, brushes, handles and cords of varying lengths.
While carpet cleaning powders and dry carpet cleaning technique remain the latest component and technique for carpet cleaning today, the best guidelines for use emanate from the manufacturers end. This is wholly because the dry cleaning method might not devastate your carpet during the cleaning process, but may not also provide the required results if it's not the ideal method recommended by the manufacturer for your specific fabric type.

Bottom-line, the success of any carpet cleaning regimen depends on upon the type of equipment you employ, the cleaning method you adapt and the personnel you hire to do the cleaning for you. If you do not want to clean the carpet yourself, better hire an expert. Experts have the necessary expertise and experience in the domain, and they will advise you on the best carpet cleaning powder to buy for your type of carpet. You may try to get rid of a stain on your carpet, but essentially, you are doing more harm than good. A professional will enlighten you on the best method of the stain removal without fuss. Getting these professionals is not an easy task. The world today is filled with quack experts who will promise you better results only give you a run around with poor results. Ensure you find the right professional through friends and relative or utilizing the online platform.

With that said, it is now your task to know when to take your carpet for cleaning and where to do the cleaning. If you choose to go the way of cleaning companies, then choose a cleaning company that gives value for your money. Try avoiding home cleaning if you are not sure of what you are doing.


Carpet Cleaning Powder - professional carpet cleaning products for less!

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