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Quality deodorisers and odour neutralisers from well established brands. Highly concentrated odour neutralisers with long lasting results

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Cleanfast Sani-Fresh Deodorizer & Sanitizer

Cleanfast Sani-Fresh Deodoriser & Sanitizer Professional deodoriser and odour neutraliserWill get rid of most bad odours from all surfacesCan be used for mopping or with an extraction systemC..

Cleanfast Urine Neutraliser / Artificial Grass Urine Neutraliser

Cleanfast Urine Neutraliser / Artificial Grass Urine NeutraliserIrish manufactured heavy duty urine neutraliser suitable for outdoor useIt will neutralise urine odours from artificial grass, patios, f..

Craftex Cherry Twist Bactericidal Deodoriser 1L

Craftex Cherry Twist Deodoriser 1LUniquely perfumed, highly efficient & ready to use cherry deodoriserCompatible with all fancy fibres, carpets, rugs, curtains, floors, etcTo be used as an bacteri..

Craftex Citrus Fresh 5L

Craftex Citrus Fresh -super strong deodoriser and odour neutraliser-suitable for use on carpets, upholstery, floors, etc-contains a very pleasant & durable lemon perfume-it will deodorise and..

Craftex Kashmir Sapphire & Juniper Berry Deodoriser 5L

Craftex Kashmir Sapphire & Juniper Berry Deodoriser-one of the most powerful bactericidal deodorisers from Craftex brand-it contains a very strong kashmir sapphire & juniper berry fragrance-it..

Craftex Lavender Fresh 5L

Craftex Lavender Fresh-top of the range bactericidal deodoriser-it will deodorise and kill bad bacteria-contains a strong lavender fragrance-removes food, urine, pet, voma odours-suitable for commerci..

Craftex Super Cherry Concentrate 175 ml

 Craftex Super Cherry Concentrate 175 ml- highly concentrated deodoriser and air freshener- will deodorise and kill the source of the bad odour-suitable to use on most types of carpets & upho..

Dirtbusters Mattress & Urine Odour Neutraliser 500ML

Dirtbusters Mattress Odour & Urine Neutralising Odour Eliminator Spray 500 MLA strong urine and mattress odour neutralising spray that neutralises bad odours with easeCompatible with all types of ..
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Dirtbusters Pet Pro Stain & Odour Remover 750 ML

Dirtbusters Pet Pro Stain & Odor Remover 750 ML2-in-1 powerful stain remover and odour neutraliser from DirtbustersIt removes all kinds of of pet related odours and it refreshes the fiberA non tox..

Dirtbusters Pet Pro Urine & Odour Destroyer

Dirtbusters Pet Pro Urine & Odour Destroyer 1L A very concentrated and highly active carpet cleaner and odour neutraliserThe product reacts with the bacteria that generates the odour and dest..

Evans Florazol Deodoriser

Evans Florazol Deodoriser-professional universal deodoriser & odour neutraliser-highly popular within the carpet cleaning industry -unique perfume and very long lasting deodoriser-it can be used o..

Evans Fresh Air Freshener

Evans Fresh Air FreshenerHighly effective universal air freshener and surface deodoriserSuitable for deodorising toilets, fabrics, curtains, carpets, floorsRefreshes and removes bad odours like smoke,..

Evans Odour Neutraliser

Evans Odour NeutraliserA highly effective, ready to use formula from EvansNeutralises smoke, pet, urine, food & damp odoursSafe to use on all washable surfaces, clothes, fibres, etcA low cost odou..

Craftex Kill Odour 5L

Craftex Kill Odour 5L-very powerful deodoriser and odour neutraliser with pear perfume-this product is highly recommended for the commercial market-it will identify the source of the bad odour and it ..
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