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Craftex Kill Odour 5L

-very powerful deodoriser and odour neutraliser with pear perfume

-this product is highly recommended for the commercial market

-it will identify the source of the bad odour and it will get rid of it

-safe to use on most types of carpets, upholstery, fabrics, rugs, etc

-very cost effective and highly concentrated professional product

-it will get rid of smoke odour, faeces, vomit, urine, pet odours, etc

Craftex Kill Odour - Where to use

Craftex Kill Odour is a professional deodoriser and odour neutraliser. This powerful odour neutraliser will not just mask the bad odour but it will get rid of it. It can be used on its own or it can be added to the solution tank before washing a carpet or sofa with a bad odour. It can be used on all types of carpets, including wool carpets. It can also be used to get rid of smoke smells from curtains, sofas, rugs, chairs, etc. One of the most efficient odour neutraliser available in Ireland. Craftex Odour Kill is also very affordable.

Craftex Kill Odour - How to use

Most carpet cleaning contractors are adding it to the solution tank before washing a carpet , a sofa, a curtain, a rug, etc. Some people are spraying Craftex Kill Odour with a pressure pump all over the newly washed areas. You can also use a normal spray and bottle to spray and treat small surfaces. The product will work instant and it will react with the source of the bad odour. Most surfaces will be odour free with one treatment but sometime you might have to do few treatments before the odour is removed in full. This powerful odour neutraliser is the product you were always looking for. Cheap, efficient and very durable.

Craftex Kill Odour - Dilution

Craftex Kill Odour is a highly concentrated product and it will work the best with a dilution of 1 to 20. If you just need to deodorise the carpet and not treat a bad odour, you can increase the dilution rate to 1 to 100. If you need to treat a very bad odour, you can reduce the dilution rate to 1 to 10. It is up to yourself to assess the job and use the right dilution.

If you are on the market for a new odour neutraliser, please try Craftex Kill Odour now. It will save you money and it will make your work easier and faster. Its beautiful perfume is very unique and different. If you require a sample of this product please contact us now.

Craftex Kill Odour - professional results for less!

How Odour Neutralisers Work

They remove the stink and stench from your everyday life and make it more comfortable. They are used on home furnishings, rooms, workplaces, hallways, rest rooms, locker rooms, in cars- literally everywhere were a fragrance is desired. They get rid of the odour and replace it with the sweet scent you desire- wherever is the aroma of morning flowers, the clean feel of Spring, an earthy woodland blend or the lush mountain side. Your nose is so sensitive that you have over 5 million scent receptors. That's what makes odours so offensive. The irony is that back in 1300 the Anglo-French used “odour” to mean “smell, perfume or fragrance”. But they can fortunately be eliminated using neutralisers. How exactly o they work? Here's a quick look at odour neutralisers and how they've found their way into our lives.

The Odour Solution

An odour neutraliser is not your common "perfume". It doesn't just mask an odour with a stronger odour. That's like painting over a crack in the house. That doesn't really solve your problem now, does it? The crack has not been fixed. In the same way, the underlying odour will still be present, and it can resurface, which is why people prefer the neutralisers. A neutraliser uses chemicals or compounds to attack the volatile organic compounds that produce the odours. Different problems require different solutions. For instance, zinc chloride in some products helps to neutralise odours that contain sulphur- like rotten eggs. Others have beta-cyclodextrin, a carbohydrate molecule that kind of looks like a donut. When you spray the neutraliser, its water partially dissolves the odour, leads to formation a complex inside the 'hole' of the cyclodextrin. This deactivates the stink molecule. As the neutraliser dries, more and more of the odour molecules bind to the cyclodextrin, which lowers the concentration of the molecules in air, thus eliminating the odour. 

A wide range of things can produce smells. That's why, odour neutralisers are marketed for specific odours, such as pet urine, cigarette smoke, or food residue. When the smell is removed, it the neutraliser leaves a neutral scent. That's just part of the job. It can also establish a new scent that will take the place of the odour, leaving the area with something nice-smelling, such as a fruity or floral fragrance. Whether the odour neutraliser simply deactivates the smell or additionally replaces it with an aroma depends on the product you use.

Using Odour Neutralisers

There are different kinds of products, depending on how the neutraliser is applied, and any additional scents it may have. There are sprays that you can directly apply to the offensive smell, or spray in the air. These are the poplar options. Some neutralisers are in powder form. These ones are usually sprinkled over the unpleasant areas, let to settle, and you can later seep or vacuum them away. There are even products that kill almost all known odours and can be used on almost any odorous problem. 

Selecting an Odour Neutraliser

Odour neutralisers can be used in homes, businesses, schools, and offices. Walking into a room and being greeted by a good scent is a wonderful feeling. When making your selection from the wide range of products available, have in mind what you intend it for- for instance do you want to get rid of pet odour or cigarette smoke? Also know where it'll be going- do you want it for regulated usage like in a toilet, or for instant odour neutralisation like when someone spills coffee in your car? Do you want a neutral fragrant or a scent for the area? The mood and ambience in a room can also be set by selecting a specific fragrance type. 

Common Applications Of Odour Neutralisers

There are forms, sizes and dispenser types for everything from home and car use, to business and industrial applications. Here is a list of some of the most popular areas: 

1. Pet Odours

Your household pet can be the cause of stenches in your home. There are issues such as cat and dog urine, and even unnatural smells such as a result of skin disease or other disorders. Mr. Fluffy may have also been contaminated with odours from other sources in his environment- maybe he clamouring for stuff in a nearby bin. Odour neutralisers come with essential oils that can fix smell these problems- whether it's cat urine on your favourite carpet, or dog odour in your car. They remove the stench and replace it with a fragrance of your choice.

2. Burnt smells

Have you ever burnt something in the kitchen? The stubborn smells permeate through the entire homes, getting absorbed by everything from the carpets and fabrics to the couches. What of the odour that remains behind when there's been a major fire? It's not just your comfort that's at risk here. Fires can release chemicals into the atmosphere that pose a health risk to anyone who inhales them. The odours can remain for days, depending on how much was burnt. Getting a neutraliser will completely remove the smell from your home. Essential oils in the neutralisers can deactivate the harmful chemicals, making the area safe for people, pets and plants. 

3. Cigarette smoke

It sticks onto everything it gets into contact with- furniture, clothes, upholstery rugs, sheets, car and boat interiors etc. It clings on them and remains for a very long time. Washing the items doesn’t always remove the bad odours and the persistent ones can be very difficult to get rid of. As time progresses, it gets more stale and unbearable. Leaving the windows of your house or car will barely have any impact. Use an odour neutraliser to deactivate the smoke particles and leave your air fresh.

4. Carpets and curtains

When they are left unwashed for a while, they can damage the ambience of your home. Mould and mildew can grow on the fabric. The fibres absorb smells from the environment. Beverages pouring on carpets stick to the fibres and the odour tends to persist. When using the odour neutraliser, ensure that you target all areas to permanently fix the problem.

5. Mould Damp and Mildew Odours

How aerated is your home and garage? Mould and mildew can be a very unpleasant problem for damp areas and is an extremely difficult smell to mask. You'll need to find the source of the musty smells and take the necessary steps to remove them. Odour neutraliser products will permanently cleanse the air as you fix your mould problem. 

6. Public and portable toilets

This is a universal problem. Anywhere where there's a huge traffic of people using the toilet, there'll undoubtedly be a stench. You don't want people skipping out on your festival or avoiding your establishment simply because of the condition of your toilet. Odour neutralisers deactivate the foul smells and make the environment more comfortable. You simply need to a place set up an odour mist dispenser, or leave some gel exposed in the toilet. This will provide a constant solution to the stench. 

7. New home or apartment

The previous owner left a mark- or rather, a smell in the air. There can be traces of cooking, body, or pet odours. Perhaps there's mould growing, or the air smells stale. If you're a real estate owner looking to sell the property, you'll have a tough time convincing potential buyers. Using an odour neutraliser product will remove the pungent smells from the property permanently and safely.

8. Changing rooms

Walking into a sports changing room can tear you up. The odours there are so strong they'll bring water to your eyes. It's a cocktail of body odour- from sweat and smelly feet, stench from sports kits, stale smell from gym bags left in lockers, mould and mildew flourishing in the shower area. Using odour neutraliser products in the locker rooms and health clubs will make the areas friendly to anyone who uses them. The choice of product will depend on the size of the changing room and how frequently it is used.

9. Musty Hotel Room Smells

You only get one chance to make a good first impression on your customers. You don't want them walking in the building and feeling like they have a cold or the flu. Hotel cleaning staff can find it difficult to remove unwanted odours from guest rooms. Humidity in the outside air can come in when guests leave doors open, or when they use the shower/bathtub. Synthetic carpets and poor ventilation make it worse. Sometimes active microorganisms such as bacteria, algae, mould and other fungi grows in the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems for months at a time. You can get odour neutralisers for instant solutions, or regulated usage to keep your guestrooms smelling fresh and odour-free.

10. Hospitals and nursing homes 

Musty air here has numerous causes- closed quarters (since open windows are not common make the air stuffy); sensory decline which causes a person to slack off on hygiene issues and results in body odour and bad breath; dehydration problems since as we grow older we stop feeling thirsty because our pituitaries stop sending the signal that tells us we're dehydrated; and there's also the numerous medication which causes a subtle chemical odour. The neutralisers not only effectively eliminate the odours associated with elders and health care permanently, but they are also non-toxic and environmentally friendly, so safe to use around patients. Eliminating the odours creates a better impression, and visiting friends and family can rest assure that their love one is receiving the proper level of quality healthcare.

11. Pubs and Nightclubs

Grease and cooking odours, smoking, spilt beer, alcohol from revellers, and the occasional incident where someone vomits, and not to forget sweat and boy odour from people on the dance floor- these reasons are why odour neutralisers are very popular here. Fixing the dour problem will keep your visitors coming back, and assure you of sustained revenue streams.

12. Boating and Fishing Industry Odours

A lot happens when you're out at sea. There can be odours from hoses, in the holding tank, or spills left over from past clogs. Bilges collect everything that's lost, dripped, or regurgitated on the boat. Sink traps hold heavy grease, hair, and other contaminants. The head intake hose is prone to a build-up of micro-organisms, which gives off a distinct “rotten” odour when the head is flushed. Water that drips from anchor chains has bottom muck dredged from the sea, and its microorganisms will begin decaying once they get inside the boat. The accumulation of human sweat, mould and mildew and diesel fumes makes a powerful stink. Then there are the fish smells. Bacterial enzymes attacking the flesh of the fish causes it to decompose and release trimethylamine and dimethylamine, responsible for the classic fish smell. When this sticks onto clothing, you'll be walking around like the beacon of the sea. Instant odour neutralisers can deactivate the molecules responsible and take the smell out of the air in your boat, ship, and on you.

13. Car Odours

Are you in a car caravan or motorhome? The confined space leads to a build-up in bad smells. When you buy a car, or can come with odours from cleaning and lubricating compounds, paint-work, leather and vinyl treatments, carpeting, latex glue, and gasoline and exhaust fumes. When you leave your car in the garage for a long time it a musty smell will develop. When you bring your pets along for a journey you'll have to contend with the pet odour. No one likes driving in a stinking car. Fortunately, an odour neutraliser can fix all these issues and leave your car with the fresh scent you desire. 

14. Industry, Petrochemical and Oil Refinery Odours

Industry personnel are all-to-familiar with the chemical smells that spruce up- whether you're in the processing plant, in a lab receiving samples, or in the nearby office handling data sheets. Confined animal feeding operations release nauseating smells and you can barely grab a breath of fresh air while at work. The smells permeate everywhere and can be very obnoxious. If you live near a petrochemical industry, you may be dealing with foul odour caused by refining of a crude oil that contains high levels of sulphur compounds. The smells can also come from paints, solvents, asphalts along with various compounds from petrochemical industries. If you're affected, you should check for odour neutralisers that deal with your specific situation. 

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