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Evans Fresh Air Freshener & Odour Neutraliser

Evans Fresh Air Freshener

  • Highly effective universal air freshener and surface deodoriser

  • Suitable for deodorising toilets, fabrics, curtains, carpets, floors

  • Refreshes and removes bad odours like smoke, urine, food, etc

  • 100% safe to use on all washable surfaces and sensitive fibres

  • Well priced, quick reacting, PH 7 undiluted, suitable to use as a spray & wipe

  • Recommended for offices, hotel receptions, student accommodation

  • Can be added to a carpet solution to deodorise and refresh fibres

Evans Fresh Air Freshener - Where to use

Evans Fresh Air Freshener was designed as an air freshener but it can also be added to a carpet cleaning solution tank to deodorise carpets/fibres. The product can be used on all water washable surfaces. It does not require dilution before use and it can be sprained directly on to the surface. The ideal product for removing cooking odours, toilet odours, pet odours, urine odours, cigarette odours & other odours. Highly recommended for commercial use, hotel receptions, student accommodation, bars, public toilets, etc.

Evans Fresh Air Freshener - How to use

If you are using it as an air freshener, just spray it into the air in the affected area. You will notice an instant pleasant fragrance. If you are planning to add it to a carpet cleaning solution tank, just add it diluted 1 to 50, and use your carpet cleaning machine as usual. You will notice an instant fragrance all over the room. It is not known to react with any fibres but pre-testing is recommended. 

Evans Fresh Air Freshener is cheap, efficient and its perfume will last for long periods of time. The product can be used by anyone and it will provide results all the time. Use it as it is when using as an air freshener or dilute 1 to 50 when adding to a cleaning solution. Try it today and be ready to be amazed.

Evans Fresh Air Freshener

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