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-superb quality scotch guard & fabric protector

-very easy to use and very durable product

-solvent based scotchgard fabric protector

-one of the cheapest scotchgard available


Craftex Fabric Protector Aerosol 400 ml - Where to use


This high quality scotchgard and fabric protector. It is designed to protect against small spillages and moisture. It can be used for protecting fabric chairs, sofas, upholstery, curtains, rugs and small carpeted areas. Suitable for commercial and domestic use. One spray should be enough to treat a three suit piece. To be sure that this product is compatible with your fabric, please do a test sample somewhere in a corner.


Craftex Fabric Protector Aerosol 400 ml - How to use


Like all other Craftex products, Craftex Fabric Protector Aerosol 400 ml  is designed to be used without any training. Just hoover up the area that you plan to treat and then apply one even coat of scotchgard all over the area. One spray should be enough to treat a three piece suite. Do not use more than needed to avoid different thickness. Shake the spray well before using it and make sure that you treat all the areas where there is heavy duty traffic.


Craftex Fabric Protector Aerosol 400 ml - Cost effective


Hiring a professional carpet or upholstery cleaning company to scotchgard your carpet or upholstery is not a cheap experience. From our market research we have found out that most specialists will charge abou 120€ to 150€ to treat a three suite furniture. You can buy Craftex Fabric Protector Aerosol 400 ml for only 10€. This can work out 12 to 15 times cheaper and it is not that complicated to do it yourself.


Try Craftex Fabric Protector Aerosol now and protect your sofa for much less than you think. If you need any help please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here 24/7.


Craftex Fabric Protector Aerosol 400 ml - professional results for less!

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