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-premium carpet protector or scothgard

-suitable to use on all types of carpets

-this products is safe to use on wool

-to be used undiluted, PH 6, available in 5L

-pre-testing highly recommended


Prochem Fluoroseal CF 5L Review

Your carpet gets bright and elegant after a thorough cleaning. It’s soft to walk on, enjoyable to look at, and it enhances the décor of the interior space- but that isn’t set to last. Dirt and grime will be on their way to attack it, and stains from spills and even urine accidents will take away that charming look. You want to keep your carpet looking clean and fresh for longer. Turn to the Prochem Fluoroseal CF 5L.
Benefits Of The Prochem Fluoroseal CF 5L
1. Enhanced resistance to everyday soiling and stains
The Prochem Fluoroseal CF 5L is formulated with cationic fluoropolymer technology that provides superior resistance to soil and stains. This maintains that "just-cleaned" look on your carpet for longer. The Prochem Fluoroseal CF 5L is effective in protecting against both oil and water based stains, from fruit drinks, wine, soft drinks, all through to those frozen fruit treats that may have ended up on the carpeting.
2. Increases cleaning efficacy
After applying the Prochem Fluoroseal CF 5L on your carpet, the next time you’ll need to clean will be a breeze. By preventing the soiling from adhering to the carpet's fibres, it will enable efficient vacuuming and wet or dry cleaning, saving your time and resources. 
3. Versatile
You can use the Prochem Fluoroseal CF 5L on most carpets and fabrics. Simply carry out a pre-test to check for colour fastness and assess texture change before you proceed to apply it. Also, check for the acceptance of water repellency. It's a WOOLSAFE Approved product for wool carpets and rugs. 
4. Fast application
The Prochem Fluoroseal CF 5L has a straightforward and easy application. First, it comes ready to use, so there are no dilution ratios to struggle with. Simply apply it using a Prochem pressure sprayer that has been fitted with a fan spray, using a rate of 30 to 50 m² per every 5 litres. The rate depends on the carpet density. When spraying, use a light even stroke, with the pressure set at low to medium. Use repeated crossing patterns until the desired amount of product has been applied. Thereafter, use a pile brush to work the Prochem Fluoroseal CF 5L into the carpet, and allow it to dry. 
5. Cost efficient
The Prochem Fluoroseal CF 5L comes with a wide application rate, with every 5L unit covering 30-50 m2 for carpet application, or 75m2 when it comes to upholstery. Moreover, the product itself is affordably priced, and gives you enhanced protection for your carpets and upholstery, allowing you to cut down on costs of repair and maintenance. Prolonging the life of your investment additionally allows you to derive more value from your purchase.
Tips For Using The Prochem Fluoroseal CF 5L
• Ensure that the carpet has been thoroughly cleaned before application. You can use an extraction clean and rinse with the Prochem Fibre & Fabric Rinse.
• Seal off the area during application, and until the carpet or fabric being treated has completely dried. You don’t want people and pets coming into to ruin the quality of the results. 
• Note that you shouldn’t apply the Prochem Fluoroseal CF 5L using trigger spray. Any aerosolization, or production of fine spray mists and breathable particles should be avoided.
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