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Nordicare Textile Cleaner 500 ML

  • A top quality fabric and textile cleaner with superior stain removing qualities

  • Compatible with all types of sensitive fabrics, carpets, clothing, shoes, etc

  • It will remove most types of stains like food, coffee, red wine, dark drinks

  • No need for expensive extraction or professional scrubbing tools | brushes

  • Just spray the whole surface with this product, allow it to dry and vacuum it

  • It has an anti-static detergent added to prevent staining and dust absorption

  • It also provides spectacular results on stained mattresses and all curtains

  • Sold in a 500 ML recyclable plastic bottle | PH neutral | Non corrosive 100%

  • Suitable for day to day residential stain removing operations & maintenance

  • The most cost effective way of removing old and new stains from all fabrics

  • While the product is safe and non acidic, pre-testing is recommended

  • 500 ML of the product is enough to treat a 3 seat sofa + 2 seat + 1 seat sofa

Nordicare Textile Cleaner 500 ML | Why Use It

If you have fabric surfaces or textile surfaces, they are likely to stain. Using the services of a professional sofa cleaning company is not cheap and in some cases the results are not satisfactory. Nordicare have developed an innovative and low cost product that can remove all kinds of dark stains from all types of fabrics with minimal effort. The product can be safely used on all fabric sofas, all textiles, all types of curtains, mattresses, clothing & shoes. There is no special training required and minimal tools are needed. Highly effective on red wine stains, coffee stains, tea stains, juice stains, blood stains, vomit stains and some types of ink stains. The product is highly effective and reasonably priced. There is nothing not to like about this professional textile cleaner. To be fully appreciated, this product has to be used. 

Nordicare Textile Cleaner 500 ML | Where To Use It

Use the product to clean and remove all kinds of stains from fabric sofas, fabric upholstery, all kinds of textiles, all types of carpets, including wool carpets, curtains, clothing, shoes and other textile surfaces. The new Nordicare Textile Cleaner 500 ML is suitable for indoor residential use only. The product has no perfume and it can be used in houses with people with allergies. Pet safe. Non acidic. 

Nordicare Textile Cleaner 500 ML | How To Use It

The product is ready to use and does not require any dilution. The surface has to be residue free and dry. If a spill has just happened, extract as much of it as possible with a dry towel and allow it to dry a bit. Shake the new Nordicare Textile Cleaner 500 ML well to create an even concentration, then spray the whole surface well. There is no need to scrub it or extract it. All you need to do is to wait for the product to dry and then vacuum it well. When dry, the product will transform from a liquid to a dust. Vacuum well a number of times. In some cases a second treatment is required. 

Nordicare Textile Cleaner 500 ML | Recommendations

You can speed up the drying period by using a hair drier or some kind of fan. Pre-testing for compatibility is highly recommended. Do not breathe the spray and do not use the surface while wet. Keep away from kids and pets. Store in a cool and dry place. Do not vacuum the fabric until the product has fully dried. 

Nordicare Textile Cleaner 500 ML

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