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Natural leather cleaners & conditioners from Prochem & Craftex. Amazing leather cleaning products for affordable costs

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Craftex Leather Cleaner & Conditioner 1L

Craftex Leather Cleaner & Conditioner 1L-one of the most efficient leather cleaners and conditioners available-it will remove most types of dirt from leather surfaces with ease-this high quality p..
2-3 Days

Dirtbusters Leather Balm Lavender

Dirtbusters Leather Balm 150 GA professional sealer and waterproofing wax for all kinds of leather surfacesIt can be used on all types of leather surfaces that were previously polishedTo be used as a ..
2-3 Days

Dirtbusters Leather Cleaner 3-In-1 | Cleaner, Deodoriser & Restorer 500 ML

Dirtbusters Leather Cleaner 3-in-1 A complete solution for all kinds of polished leather surfaces and accessories100% safe to use on all highly polished, sensitive and sealed leather surfacesEffe..

Dirtbusters Leather Conditioner & Protect

Dirtbusters Leather Conditioner & Protect 500 MLHighly recommended & highly rated leather conditioner from DirtbustersIt nourishes the leather, it helps prevent cracks and it seals the leather..

Nordicare Leather Cleaning Kit

Nordicare Leather Cleaning Kit A professional quality cleaning kit for deep cleaning and polishing leather surfacesHighly effective, easy to use, suitable for residential & commercial use, ec..

Nordicare Leather Cream 250 ML

Nordicare Leather Cream 250 MLPremium quality leather polishing cream manufactured by NordicareIt softens up the leather, it nourishes the leather and it seals the leatherIt can be used on all leather..

Nordicare Leather Soap 250 ML

Nordicare Leather Soap 250 MLHeavy duty professional leather cleaner and leather degreaser from NordicareManufactured from a blend of natural soaps for safe and effective cleanIt will remove dirt, it ..
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