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-professional universal pre-spray and traffic lane cleaner

-premium results on draught and grease/fat/oil stain removal

-to be used as a pre-spray before normal cleaning operation

-to be diluted 1 to 8 or around that area, PH 10.5, perfumed

-suitable for commercial or domestic carpet/sofa cleaning


Prochem Multi Pro Review

Are you tired of the traffic lanes that have formed on your carpet? Those soiled areas appear on the frequently walked on sections, ruining the beauty and balance of the carpet. Are you looking for a spot treatment solution that will enable you tackle those heavily soiled areas to make the rest of the cleaning process easy? The Prochem Multi Pro is the product for you. Here is what to expect from it:
Benefits Of The Prochem Multi Pro
1. Tough cleaning action
The Prochem Multi Pro is designed to work on those soiled sections that need extra effort to bring the carpet back in top condition. Whether you’re getting rid of the unsightly traffic lanes, or you have heavily soiled and greased areas on the carpet that are bringing you frustration to remove, the Prochem Multi Pro will make the process a breeze. It's a high efficacy pre-spotter, and is effective across the scope, from draught marks all through to dealing with stubborn stains. 
2. Multipurpose
From pre-spray before machine cleaning, general purpose cleaning on carpets, floor coverings and hard surfaces, the Prochem Multi Pro has multiple applications in both residential and commercial establishments. This enables you to reduce the resources you needed on your building’s maintenance program, while simultaneously enhancing the efficiency of the operations. Note that you should pre-test the area you intend to work on with the diluted solution to ascertain its compatibility with the product.
3. Citrus mint fragrance
Soiled carpets emit odours. As part of the cleaning, you don’t want just to remove the grime and be left battling the odours they leave behind. With the Prochem Multi Pro, you won’t have to worry about that. The turquoise blue liquid comes with a citrus mint fragrance, that gives your carpet that fresh smell that spruces up the ambience of the interior space. 
4. Affordably priced
The Prochem Multi Pro comes in cases containing 4 of the 5L units, which are set at a pocket-friendly price. It also enables you to make cost savings since it’s is a concentrated product, and only minimal quantities are needed during every cleaning session. This enables the purchase that you make to take you for long, delivering value in each cleaning session. Protecting your carpet has the added benefit of prolonging its life, enabling you to avoid hefty costs of repair and replacement. 
How To Use The Prochem Multi Pro
First, begin by diluting it. For light duty applications, and also when you’re carrying out general cleaning, use a 1:8 dilution ratio (like mixing 125 ml with 1L of water). For those heavily soiled areas, and when you’re carrying out a pre-spray, use a 1:4 ratio (such as 250 ml of Prochem Multi Pro per every litre of water). Use a sprayer to apply the solution to the affected areas, and work it into the carpet's fibres with a pile brush. 
For spot treatments, use a clean white tissue or towel to blot the spot with the Prochem Multi Pro solution. Follow it up with normal cleaning, such as shampoo and extraction cleaning. For other hard surfaces around the establishment, you can wipe with a towel or mop depending on the area you’re working on. 
Note that you should avoid the Prochem Multi Pro getting into contact with your skin. It's an alkaline product, with a concentrated pH of 11.4, and diluted pH of 10.5. It’s designed to break down heavy dirt and grime, and you don’t want that action taking place on your skin. Take the appropriate safety precautions when handling it, like wearing gloves and eye protection.
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