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-a natural carpet cleaning compound based on organic products

-woolsafe approved - safe to use on carpets, wool rugs, wool sofas

-it will cover around 15 square meter per KG. This product PH is 6

-it contains a pleasant floral perfume. A ready to use product


Prochem Fiberdri Review

When it comes to carpet care, you want fast and effective solutions. Products that will deliver quality results and enable you to restore the beauty and elegance to your carpet. Prochem Fiberdri fits the bill, and is designed for professional use. Here is what you get from it:
Benefits Of The Prochem Fiberdri
1. High absorbency power
A dry cleaning compound, its goal is to get rid of the dirt and grime without you soaking up the carpet. This is made possible by the high absorbency of the compound, which enables it to pick up the soil and moisture that are within the fibres of your carpets and rugs. From the everyday dirt and grime tracked into the building, to food and drink spills that accidentally wind up on the carpet, the Prochem Fiberdri will get rid of them with ease. It removes them without posing risk to your investment. In fact, it is WoolSafe approved, meaning you can use it on your wool carpets and rugs without putting them at risk.
2. Fast results
With the Prochem Fiberdri, you get to use the carpet immediately after cleaning. This is beneficial in modern day busy homes, and high traffic commercial and industrial establishments, where you want quality results in minimal time. That way you get to avoid cumbersome disruptions that would have halted your activities as you wait for the carpet to dry, as would have been the case with wet methods. 
3. Fragranced
In addition to looking good, you also want your carpet to smell great. The dirt and grime, especially organic matter, is responsible for the odours emanating from it. After these particles are absorbed by the compound and removed from the carpet, it goes further to leave behind a floral fragrance that accentuates the interior space of the establishment.
4. Eco-friendly
The Prochem Fiberdri is formulated with environmental safety in mind. Its ingredients are biodegradable, and you also don’t have to worry about issues like toxic fumes being released into the interior space. 
5. Wide application rate
You also want a product that is economical. The high efficacy enables each unit to take you a long way. 1 kilo of product can cover approximately 15 square metres of carpeting, depending on the pile density. Moreover, the product itself is affordably priced, which enables you to make more cost savings.
How To Use The Prochem Fiberdri

It comes ready to use, and works with different carpet dry cleaning systems, such as the Dry Compound Power BrushPB14E, Dynamic 380E Upright Vacuum with DCS, and Fiberdri® TM4. Before using it, first store the Prochem Fiberdri sideways for around 10 minutes.

1. Start by vacuuming the carpet thoroughly, in order to remove those loose particles of dust and dry soiling. In case there are stained areas, treat them with the appropriate stain remover.
2. Apply Prochem Fiberdri onto the carpet by hand, or using an applicator. 
3. Use your Prochem Fiberdri® machine to brush it into the carpet.
4. Give it 15 to 30 minutes dwell time.
5. Vacuum up the contents from the carpet.
6. Brush the pile in order to realign its fibres.
7. Seal it firmly after use.

When it comes to combating spills, also apply the Fiberdri onto the targeted spot, give it the 15 -30 minutes activation time, then vacuum. 
Tips To Get The Most Out Of The Prochem Fiberdri

• Always test for colour fastness on an inconspicuous area before working on carpets and rugs whose material you are not sure of compatibility with the product.
• For heavily soiled areas, first prespray them with Prochem B107 Prespray Gold before applying the Prochem Fiberdri.
• To keep it at optimal efficiency, ensure that during storage the pack is sealed and airtight.
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