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-a powerful high performance alkaline detergent pre-spray

-suitable for pre-spray treatments on commercial carpets

-recommended for greasy or oily carpets & traffic lanes

-very long lasting, very efficient and very cost effective

-to be used with all types of extraction carpet cleaning systems

-pre-testing is highly recommended for this premium product

Prochem Power Burst - Where to use

This highly active traffic lane cleaner and grease remover can be used as a pre-spray treatment on all types of commercial and industrial carpets. It can break all types of oils, grease, vaselines, cooking oil, etc, from all types of carpets. The product needs to be pre-tested before being used on a big scale. It can also be used to pre-spray some types of very dirty upholstery and sofas. For better results always diluted the product with hot water.

Prochem Power Burst - How to use

Dilute the product with warm/hot water. Use a dilution rate of 1 to 50 or 1 to 66, depending on the condition of the carpet. Always mix the powder outside the solution tank to avoid filter blockage. Pre-spray the whole area well, allow 5-10 minutes to react, scrub well with a bonnet or a soft buffer brush & wash the carpet as usual. The product will soften up all types of greases and fats & it will prepare the whole area for extraction. Repeat the operation if the results are not 100% satisfactory. Premium traffic lane cleaner for commercial and industrial carpets.

Prochem Power Burst


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