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Prochem Shockaway 5L

€16.11 Ex Tax: €13.10


-anti static treatment for carpets with high levels of static energy

-to be applied with a pressure pump on a clean vacuumed carpet

-dilution rate 1 to 8. Ph 8. Clear liquid. Suitable for commercial & domestic

Prochem Shockaway 5L Review

Static charge continuously builds up on untreated carpets as people walk about. This is as a result of the friction between their feet and the fibres. It's further compounded when humidity is particularly low. Why is it a nuisance? For starters, there’ll be sparks and discharges occurring when a person touches the metal surfaces in the residential or commercial establishment. You've probably noticed this around sensitive electrical equipment. No one likes that shocking sensation running through them- it's annoying, and can even be hazardous depending on the amount of discharge. Then there's the soiling. The static-charge build up makes the carpet a dirt magnet, attracting dust particles, pet dander, allergens like pollen, increasing the grime in the carpet. This comes with its health risks, odours, dulling the carpet, increasing the workload during maintenance, and puts the structural integrity of the carpet at risk. As those particles pile up, they become abrasive underfoot, wearing down the carpet’s fibres. These issues can be prevented right from the onset, by stopping the static charge from building up in the first place. That's a job for the Prochem Shockaway 5L.

Benefits Of The Prochem Shockaway 5L

1. Anti septic treatment

The Prochem Shockaway 5L is formulated to prevent static accumulation, hence reducing the resoiling on carpets. The water-based product forms a non-sticky coating on the material, which conducts the charge away from the surface of the fibres. Thus, you get to reduce the build up of grime, keeping it looking elegant for longer. The effectiveness of the Prochem Shockaway 5L is further increased by applying other measures like air conditioning- such as reducing the heat in the building and increasing the relative humidity.

2. Multipurpose


The water-based Prochem Shockaway 5L works for carpets and fabrics. This gives it a wide range of applications around the establishment. It’s recommended that you always pre-test for colourfastness before you proceed to apply the Prochem Shockaway 5L on the material. It's a clear liquid, so you don’t have to worry about it changing the colour of your items.

3. Easy to use


Simply mix the Prochem Shockaway 5L with water using a 1:8 ratio (like 125ml of product with 1L of water), then spray it onto the carpet or fabric. Use a sprayer for the application, and then brush it into the material using a carpet pile brush. Remember to seal off the area from people and pets until the carpet is completely dry. In addition, the carpet should be clean before application. Vacuum away the soiling, or give a through extraction cleaning if necessary. You don’t want dirt and grime getting trapped under the Prochem Shockaway 5L coating, as it will reduce its efficacy.

4. Wide application rate


Every 5L of the mixed solution of the Prochem Shockaway covers approximately 50m2 of carpeting, enabling you to treat a vast area with each unit product purchased. This translates to 450m2 per Prochem Shockaway 5L concentrate. Each case contains 4 units. What's more, it comes at an affordable price, allowing you to treat your carpet without destabilising you establishment’s maintenance budget.


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