Spot & Stain Removers

Professional spot & stain removers from Craftex and Prochem. Unique stain removers and spot treatments

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2San Spot & Stain Remover 5L (Craftex)

2San Spot & Stain Remover 5L (Craftex)-highly efficient carpet & upholstery stain remover-suitable for removing oil and water based stains-it will remove grease, shoe polish, oil,animal fats, ..

Cleanfast Chewing Gum & Adhesive Remover 5L

Cleanfast Chewing Gum & Adhesive Remover -powerful organic solvent for safe removal of most adhesives, chewing gum, stickers, tar, etc-safe to use on carpets, fabric, walls, floors, upholstery, pa..

Craftex Bio-Enzyme 1L

 Craftex Bio-Enzyme Sprayer- high quality enzyme remover from carpets & fabric- it will remove blood, urine, food, coffee, tea, etc- safe to use on all types of carpets & fabric- ready to..

Craftex Chewing Gum Remover

 Craftex Chewing Gum Remover-contains a strong blend of solvents that break chewing gum-removes chewing gum from carpets, sofa, chairs, etc-easy to use and guaranteed to provide good results-read..
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Craftex Coffee Stain Remover 5L

Craftex Coffee Stain Remover-highly efficient coffee stain remover from Craftex-also very efficient tea stain remover, tannin, etc-suitable to use on all normal carpets and fabrics-there is no trainin..

Craftex Microsplit

Craftex Microsplit -Craftex Microsplit is an amazing spot and stain remover-suitable for removing stains from carpets and upholstery-separates soiling without using strong or harsh chemicals-enzyme fr..

Craftex Multisolv 5L

Craftex Multisolv 5L-very powerful solvent based stain and spot removers-suitable for pre-spraying badly affected carpeted floors-suitable for removing nicotine, fat, oils, wax, carbons,etc-this produ..

Craftex Pet Stain Remover Sprayer 1L

 Craftex Pet Stain Spotter Sprayer-highly efficient pet urine and vomit odour neutraliser-suitable for use on all types of carpets and upholstery-it will get rid of the odours in a matter of seco..
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Craftex Powdered Enzyme Prespray 5Kg

Craftex Powdered Enzyme Prespray 5 Kg-very powerful protein stain remover from carpeted surfaces & sofas-it will soften up and break most types of food or drink stains & blood-this product wil..

Craftex Pre-Enzyme Solution 5L

Craftex Pre-Enzyme Solution-powerful enzyme digester in liquid form with a pleasant perfume-suitable for treating enzyme stains on carpets and upholstery-to be used as a pre-spray or spotter for blood..

Craftex Rust & Iron Mould Remover 500 ml

Craftex Rust & Iron Mould Remover 500 ml- very strong acidic rust & iron mould remover-suitable for most types of fabrics & carpets-it will remove rust & mould in one easy go-not suita..

Dirtbusters Red Wine Stain Remover

Dirtbusters Red Wine Stain Remover A highly active stain & spot remover effective against red wine, red curry & red fruit juiceA non toxic formula suitable for all kinds of residential us..

Evans Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner

Evans Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner-super concentrated all purpose general cleaner-tough on dirt & very long lasting cleaning product-suitable for use on all types of hard surfaces-brilliant carpet ..
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