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 Craftex Bio-Enzyme Sprayer

- high quality enzyme remover from carpets & fabric

- it will remove blood, urine, food, coffee, tea, etc

- safe to use on all types of carpets & fabric

- ready to use product, just shake & spray

- to be used as pre spotter before carpet cleaning


Craftex Bio-Enzyme Sprayer - Where to use

This super bio-enzyme spray is designed to remove most types of organinc spots from carpets and fabrics. You can use Craftex Bio-Enzyme on all types of carpets and fabrics but just to be sure, please do a pre test. It can be used as a pre-spotter for carpets, sofas, upholstery, chairs, rugs, curtains, etc. It is known to get results on stains where other brands of enzyme removers have failed. It can be used for removing stains from car seats as well.


Craftex Bio-Enzyme Sprayer - How to use

This professional pre-spotter and enzyme stain remover can be used without any training. Just spray it on the stain for about 20 minutes before starting the deep cleaning of the affected area. For better results please agitate with a demi hard brush or a low speed buffer in conjunction with a soft brush. Most types of organic stains will be removed in one easy operation but if the results are not there, please repeat the operation. This product is highly recommended for places where food is served or in hospitals. Very fast acting and very safe.


Craftex Bio-Enzyme Sprayer - Safety

This high quality enzyme remover and carpet pre-spotter has very low levels of chemicals. It is safe to be used in areas with small kids, pets or pregnant women. This product is ready to use so please do not mix up with other stain removers to avoid reactions. Keep it safe and well away from kids and pets.


Craftex Bio -Enzyme Sprayer is a very efficient spot remover. It will remove most types of organic stains and it will refresh the carpet. Please allow it time to work before starting to wash your carpets. Recommended for commercial and domestic use.


Craftex Bio - Enzyme Sprayer - professional cleaning products for less!

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