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There are universal spot & stain removers suitable for most types of stains. You can remove enzyme stains, wine, coffee stains, nail varnish, etc. But those types of stain removers are 100% useless on rust. To be able to remove rust stain from carpets or fabrics, you will need to use proper rust removing chemicals. Prochem Rust Removers is a market leader.

-acidic gel suitable for removing rust from carpets

-also efficient on hard floor rust stains

-it can be used to remove iron mould & blood as well

-does not require chemical neutralisation after use

-much safer than similar products from other brands

Prochem Rust Remover - Where to use

To be used on all types of carpets, fabrics and hard floors. Test for colour compatibility before use. Badly stained areas might require a second treatment. Also very efficient on iron mould & blood stains. Very active product much safer than similar rust removers from other brands. It does not require chemical neutralisation after use.

Prochem Rust Remover - How to use

Shake the bottle well and apply the gel all over the stain. Allow few minutes to work & scrub with a medium brush or a rough cloth. Repeat the operation if required. Efficient on all types of rust stains. Some rust stains might not be removed 100% but it can be made look much better. Do not use diluted in an extraction machine. Wear gloves when using it.

Top of the range rust remover from Prochem. To be used by professional contractors only. Do not used on highly polished hard floors or wood floors. Do not allow the product to dry on your carpet.

Prochem Rust Remover


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