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-a ready to use spot and stain remover

-efficient carpet & sofa oil stain remover 

-it will remove oils, fats, grease & blood

-suitable for commercial and domestic

-a solvent based stain and spot remover


It’s a fact: carpets and rugs are prone to food and liquid spills. More often than not these substances leave stains. In most cases detergents and bleach can successfully eradicate the unsightly marks. But what happens when the stains re-appear after a few days? It’s obvious the stain remover did not work. How do you ensure the carpet is once again clean and the stains are gone for good?

The solution is to use a chemical that is a powerful combination of solvents specifically engineered to penetrate deep into the fibers and neutralize the unwanted molecules. Prochem Solvall Spotter 1L is one such chemical.

It is made from a blend of agents renowned for completely removing all unwanted oil-based matter such as bitumen, grease and tar from surfaces. These are the most notorious culprits that tarnish flooring surfaces. Prochem Solvall cleaner has also been proven to be super effective in the removal of

other substances such as cosmetics, gloss paint and even gum to mention but a few.

Whether your stain re-occurrence is caused by soiling i.e. an invisible sticky residue forms after the initial cleaning and attracts dirt more easily to the spot causing the illusion that the stain has returned, or if

the stain is caused by wicking i.e. the stain seeped through to the opposite end of the carpet during cleaning and is gradually re-absorbed back to the surface after a while by traveling up the fiber strands (just like oil does in a wick); Prochem Solvall Spotter 1L guarantees complete removal of the stain.

How to use?

Prochem Solvall Spotter 1L does not require any dilution. It’s ready-to-use.

However, it has stringent rules that must be followed for successful application especially if used at home. Since it is very potent, users are advised to wear solvent resistant gear i.e. face masks, gloves e.t.c at all times when handling the solution. The place of use must also have adequate ventilation and be free from unprotected humans and pets.

As far as practical application of the solution is concerned, users are advised to apply a decent amount on the affected surface and blot the area firmly with a cloth. DO NOT RUB! DO NOT SPRAY!

This action may be performed severally depending on the magnitude and stubbornness of the stain.

After a few minutes, a fabric restorer should be applied on the treated area. This can be in whichever form the user chooses i.e. spray, pouring e.t.c. followed by some light brushing of the area. This will help remove any ring marks as well as help align the carpet fibers.

Where to use?

Although the Prochem Solvall Spotter 1L is mainly designed for carpets and rugs, it can also be

used on a variety of hard flooring e.g. tile, cork and even laminate to mention a few.

It is important, however, to first pre-test the material you want to clean before using the solution since it is not stable on all surfaces. This includes some rugs and carpets as well.

The same safety procedures mentioned in the actual use should also be followed in the pre-testing phase.


Cost effective

Prochem Solvall costs less than £20. Considering the solution’s very high success rate and the fact that it costs much less than hiring a carpet cleaning company – the price is very affordable.

Do you have stubborn stains that you just can’t get out? It’s time to try Prochem

Solvall Spotter 1L to make your surfaces look uniform again and join the thousands of satisfied repeat customers. It's definitely a product worth considering.

Prochem Solvall Spotter



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