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A great range of catering supplies and commercial cleaning products from Cleanfast, Evans, Craftex, Bona & TTS

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Squeaky Clean Super Scourers

Squeaky Clean Super Scourers Medium abrasive heavy duty universal scourer suitable for domestic & commercial useSold in packs of 3 scourers, safe to use on sensitive surfaces like glass, wood..

Catering Scourer On Roll

Catering Scourer On RollProfessional catering scourer sold in rolls of 6 meters by 15 cm wideAvailable in black, red, yellow, blue and the white non abrasive scourerSuitable for heavy duty commercial ..

Cleanfast Alu Safe Dish Wash 5L

Cleanfast Alu Safe Dish Wash 5L-concentrated alkaline detergent for use with all types of automatic dishwashers-contains a scale inhibitor to optimise detergency even in areas with hard water-it will ..

Cleanfast Anti-Bac Wash Up Liquid 5L

Cleanfast Anti Bac Wash Up Liquid-concentrated washing up liquid suitable for hand washing dishes-very fast acting and very efficient grease, fat and food remover-it will kill a wide range of bacteria..

Cleanfast Brill Washing Up Liquid 5L

Cleanfast Brill Washing Up Liquid-concentrated hand dish washing detergent & degreaser-suitable for manual washing of dishes, glasses & crockery-it will remove grease with ease & it will l..

Cleanfast D-Stain Powder 10 KG

Cleanfast D-Stain Powder 10KG-highly effective powder for removing tea, coffee & lipstick from crockery-very effective tannin stain remover from coffee & vending machines-Cleanfast D-Stain Pow..
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Cleanfast Dish Powder 10 KG

Cleanfast Dish Wash Powder 10KG-very powerful, highly concentrated dishwashing powder-suitable for galvanised metal, zinc, aluminium & aluminium alloys-highly alkaline and highly efficient profess..

Cleanfast Dish Wash 5L

Cleanfast Dish Wash 5L-concentrated dish washing detergent for use in all spray dishwashers-highly alkaline, very efficient and suitable to use on all types of dishes-it contains a scale inhibitor to ..

Cleanfast Dish Wash Extra 5L

Cleanfast Dish Wash Extra 5L-premium dishwashing detergent suitable for commercial use-improved formula for even better results & more cleaning power-compatible with all types of automatic spray d..

Cleanfast Glass Renovating Powder 10 KG

Cleanfast Glass Renovating Powder 10 KGFormulated to remove non-rinsable residue from new and old glasswareThese residues affect the beer head retention and lacing characteristicsThe powder is compati..

Cleanfast Glass Wash Auto 5L

Cleanfast Glass Wash Auto 5L-concentrated dishwashing detergent compatible with all glass washing machines-it contains a lime inhibitor to optimise detergency even in areas with hard water-highly alka..

Cleanfast Machine De-Scaler 5L

Cleanfast Machine De-Scaler 5L-professional acid based machine descaler & limescale remover-it will remove rust, carbon, limescale, stains, grease deposits, etc-to be used in all types of dishwash..

Cleanfast Mr San Food Safe Sanitizer

Cleanfast Ms San Surface Disinfectant-non tainting food safe cleaning product and sanitizer-very popular with the catering & kitchen cleaning trade-highly concentrated, highly efficient and well p..

Cleanfast Oven Cleaner 5L

Cleanfast Oven Cleaner 5L-heavy duty commercial & residential oven cleaning detergent-melts fat, grease, carbon and burnt on deposits-this is a ready to use formula and it does not requires diluti..

Cleanfast Oven Cleaner 750 ML

Cleanfast Oven Cleaner 750 ML-powerful oven cleaner and general carbon remover-suitable for commercial, domestic and industrial use-very active, very concentrated and very toxic product-it will melt f..
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