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Catering Scourer On Roll

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Catering Scourer On Roll

  • Professional catering scourer sold in rolls of 6 meters by 15 cm wide

  • Available in black, red, yellow, blue and the white non abrasive scourer

  • Suitable for heavy duty commercial and residential scrubbing projects

  • Highly cost effective, highly durable and reasonably priced for its quality

  • Great for scrubbing pots, plates, cookers, stainless steel, floors, glass

  • These amazing catering scourers on roll are very popular with professional cleaners

  • There is a catering scourer for light, medium and heavy duty scrubbing

  • Safe to use in conjunction with most cleaning products or without chemicals

  • Black & green - aggressive scrubbing, yellow - medium, red & white soft

  • Work faster and much more efficiently with our catering scourers on roll

Catering Scourer On Roll - Why use it

Up to now, catering scourers were sold in green or red and mostly ready cut and all pretty much similar in abrasion. But while for some scrubbing jobs there is more abrasivity required, for other types of cleaning projects little abrasivity is required . From now on you can have a number of catering scourers of any size or shape you might need and with whatever level of abrasion needed. We would recommend that professional cleaning companies have one roll of each color available. Our catering scourers on roll are much more durable than similar products from other brands and less affected by harsh chemicals.

Catering Scourer On Roll - Where to use

Each color represents a different level of abrasion and can only be used for particular surfaces. 

Catering Scourer On Roll White | Very soft and very little abrasion. It can be used on all sensitive surfaces and also on polished surfaces. The risk of scratching the surface is pretty low.

Catering Scourer On Roll Blue | A low scratch risk catering scourer suitable for very light cleaning and maintaining surfaces. It can be used on glass, furniture, polished surfaces & stainless steel.

Catering Scourer On Roll Yellow | Low to medium abrasive power. Safe to use on all water washable surfaces. It will remove grease & food residue when used in conjunction with a degreaser.

Catering Scourer On Roll Red | Medium abrasion power. While the risk of scratching sensitive surfaces is still low, the red catering scourer on roll is slightly more rough and it will be able to scrub better than the white, blue or yellow catering scourer on roll.

Catering Scourer On Roll Black | High abrasive power. This particular catering scourer is suitable for heavy duty scrubbing like oven cleaning, cooker cleaning, worktop decreasing & all types of scrubbing projects where a bit of roughness is required. Do not use on painted surfaces or very sensitive surfaces.

Catering Scourer On Roll | How to use

Make sure to select the most suitable catering scourer for your particular requirements, pre-spray the surface with some kind of cleaning agent and scrub or polish the surface in circular movements. If the results are not satisfactory after one go, go over one more time or maybe you should use a more abrasive scourer. We recommend using our catering scourers on roll on wet surfaces only.

Do not waste your money and your precious time with cheap and inefficient catering scourers from other brands. Check out our new range of catering scourers and achieve professionals results hassle free. Our catering scourers on roll are thicker and much more durable than other types of similar scourers. To be better than your competition you need to work faster and cheaper. You will achieve that with our amazing range of catering scourers on roll.

Catering Scourer On Roll

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