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Cleanfast Dish Wash Extra 5L

-premium dishwashing detergent suitable for commercial use

-improved formula for even better results & more cleaning power

-compatible with all types of automatic spray dishwashing machines

-highly concentrated, highly alkaline, highly efficient, Irish manufactured

-it can be used safely to wash all types of dishes, pots, crokerys, etc

-this product will require dilution before use, 1 m to 3 m per 1 L of water

-this product is not suitable for aluminium or aluminium alloy utensils

Cleanfast Dish Wash Extra 5L - Where to use

Heavy duty alkaline dishwashing detergent highly recommended for the commercial & catering market. It will provide outstanding results on areas with hard and very hard water. It contains special scale inhibitors to optimise detergency even in hard water areas. Not suitable to use on aluminium or aluminium alloys utensils. To be used with automatic spray dishwashing systems. It will dissolve grease and grime with ease and it will provide a spotless streak free result. Not suitable for hand washing dishes. This product is highly concentrated and it will require dilution before use.

Cleanfast Dish Wash Extra 5L - How to use

Our heavy duty dishwashing detergent is only compatible with spray automatic dishwashing equipment. Most modern dishwashing machines will have special dosage settings so the dilution will be done automatically. 1 ml to 3 ml or 0.01% to 0.03% per L of warm water. Use lower dilution for regular or light cleans and use the higher dilution ratio for more intense heavy duty cleaning. Some dishes & pots might need pre-soaking before washing.

One of the most affordable dishwashing detergents available in Ireland. Also, one of the most concentrated and most efficient dishwashing detergents. This product is manufactured 100% in Ireland. Try our product today and start saving. Increase your productivity and efficiency.

Cleanfast Dish Wash Extra 5L MSDS

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