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Cleanfast Oven Cleaner 750 ML

-powerful oven cleaner and general carbon remover

-suitable for commercial, domestic and industrial use

-very active, very concentrated and very toxic product

-it will melt fat, grease, oils and carbon deposits with ease

-professional ready to use oven cleaning detergent

-this product was designed/manufactured in Ireland  

Cleanfast Oven Cleaner 750 ML - Preparation

Deep cleaning an oven is not that hard if you understand what you are doing and what can happen if you do not respect the safety guidelines. You need to bear in mind that you will be using a very toxic chemical that can dissolve burnt on carbon deposits and build ups of grease.

You will need a pair of gloves, some eye protection, cloths, steel scourers, green scourers and at least one hard small brush. Always put a cloth on the floor under the oven to avoid leaks. This product is very likely to burn wood, lino and most types of tiles.

Cleanfast Oven Cleaner 750 ML - Where to use

This product can be used to deep clean and maintain all types of commercial , domestic and industrial cookers. Some fancy domestic cookers made from highly polished stainless steel might not be suitable for cleaning with Cleanfast Oven Cleaner. This product will also stain aluminium surfaces. It can be used to remove carbon deposits from burners and any type of grime from inside the cooker. “Cleanfast Oven Cleaner” is not a degreaser. Do not use it to degrease kitchen furniture or any other surfaces.

Cleanfast Oven Cleaner 750 ML - How to use

You can apply the oven cleaner with the spray nozzle. Spray the whole cooker with the product and then do not touch it for 30 min. The product requires time to dissolve all the dirt and grease from the cooker. If you rush the job you will not achieve great results.

30 min later start scrubbing the whole cooker. Use the steel scourer for the walls and bottom of the cooker and then use a green scourer for the cooker door and all polished surfaces. Remove the excess waste as you work. In most cases, one treatment should be enough but in some cases with very heavy soiling a couple of treatments will be required.

Cleanfast Oven Cleaner 750 ML - Premium quality oven cleaning detergent

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