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Evans Dishwash 

  • A low foam highly active dishwashing detergent from Evans

  • Compatible with all automatic dishwashing machines/systems

  • Helps to prevent scale from depositing and re-forming later

  • Highly popular with the catering industry, pubs, canteens, etc

  • Highly concentrated, safe, superb degreasing qualities, cheap

  • Compatible with soft and hard water, no added perfume, eco

  • It will deep clean the dishes and protect the dishwasher as well

Evans Dishwash - Where to use

A low foam highly active dishwashing detergent compatible with all automatic dishwashing machines. It will remove grease, fat and dirt deposits from dishes, glasses, crockery and all types of stainless steel items. It will not oxidize surfaces and it will not leave residue or streaks on surfaces. Its PH 13.5 is one of the highest PH possible for a professional dishwashing liquid. It can be used for commercial and domestic dishwashing projects. Odourless, efficient, safe and super concentrated dishwashing detergent. One of the most highly recommended dishwashing liquids in Ireland and the UK.

Evans Dishwash - How to use

Add the product to the solution tank of your dishwashing machine. Older types of dishwashers might only accept diluted dishwashing liquids but the new machines are 100% compatible with the product. The dishwashing machine will automatically dilute the product to the required dilution. Its low formulation formula will ensure little foam when used with warm water. Not suitable for manual dishwashing. 

A highly recommended dishwashing detergent from Evans. Thousands of commercial units, hotels, restaurants, domestic dishwashers, etc, use Evans Dishwash on a daily basis. The product will provide unequalled results all the time and it does not cost a fortune. You need to store it in a cool place away from sunshine. Do not mix with other dishwashing liquids to avoid reactions. Read the label to find out more information about the product before using it.

Evans Dishwash 

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