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Half Sized Standard Grade Scourers


Heavy duty half size scourers available in red and green

Suitable for scrubbing pots, stainless steel worktops, floors, glass, wood

Sold in packs of 20 scourers, also suitable for domestic cleaning

It will remove all types of residue with ease without scratching the surface

Affordable, medium abrasive, effective against burnt on food, grease & oils

Much better quality than similar products from other brands & more durable

Does not react with harsh chemicals and will not lose its abrasion easily

Highly popular with house cleaning companies & the catering industry



Half Sized Standard Grade Scourers - Where to use


Burnt on food, old and dry stains, stubborn dirt & impregnated dirt might require a bit more force to be removed. While the standard dish washing sponge might remove some of it, you will need some extra help from the new Half Sized Standard Grade Scourers. A quick scrub with this amazing catering scourer and the dirt is disintegrated. It can be used to scrub old pots, worktops, dishes, extractor fans, stainless steel surfaces, floors, glass, etc. While removing the dirt is fast and hassle free, the base surface will be left unscratched and unaffected.  Highly recommended for the catering industry, cleaning companies and domestic use. Superior quality scourers for affordable rates.


Half Sized Standard Grade Scourers - How to use


Soak the dishes in warm water and pre-spray the area that has to be scrubbed. Allow a few minutes of contact between the cleaning agent and the surface to make sure that the stain is softened up. Start scrubbing the surface with the new Half Sized Standard Grade Scourers. Do not use on soft and highly sensitive surfaces. Otherwise, compatible with pretty much all surfaces in a standard commercial/domestic kitchen. The scouring pads can also be used for cleaning bathrooms. It is advisable to use a different colour scourer for bathrooms & kitchens. Scrub well until the stain is removed and the surface looks clean.  Rinse well with a clean cloth or a sponge and the job is completed.


For heavy duty scrubbing projects use the new Half Sized Standard Grade Scourers. You will work faster. You will work better and you will work less. Highly recommended for the professional kitchen cleaning industry.


Half Sized Standard Grade Scourers

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