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Carefree Floor Polish

  -high traffic and very durable professional floor polish

  -suitable for use on all types of floor except wood

  -high gloss floor polish mark & scuff resistant

 -easy to clean and maintain & responds to burnishing

 -this high traffic floor polish requires no dilution

 -no other floor polish provides the same glossy look



Carefree Floor Polish - Where to use

Carefree Floor Polish is one of the most universal high traffic floor polishes available in Ireland. Designed for commercial floors, the finish is sure to last for very long periods of time if maintained right and buffed regularly. Carefree Floor Polish can be used on amtico, marmoleum, vinyl, terrazzo, marble, terracotta, ceramic, travertine floors, etc. It will build up a glossy protective coat over your floor. Carefree Floor Polish is a water based floor polish that contains no harmful chemicals. It is highly recommended for use in schools, child minding businesses, public buildings, etc. Its high coverage area and its anti slip qualities have made it the polish of choice within the cleaning industry.



Carefree Floor Polish - How to use

Depending on the type of floor that you plan to polish, the application technique can change from one job to another. If you plan to use Carefree Floor Polish to seal an amtico, marmoleum, vinyl, lino, rubber floor, strip the existing floor polish and neutralise the floor with a neutral floor cleaning product. If you plan to seal a terrazzo, travertine, marble, ceramic, terracotta, natural stone floor, deep clean the grout to avoid trapping dirt under the polish and then do a scratch removing operation on all natural stone floors. Make sure that the floor is dry and dust free before starting to apply coats of Carefree Floor Polish. Apply one thin coat of floor polish with a special polish applicator or a flat microfiber mop. Apply the first coat from North to South. Allow time to dry and then apply a second coat of Carefree Floor Polish from West to East. By polishing your floor from different directions you will ensure a better bonding between coats. On high traffic floors a third coat could be needed but you can assess the condition of the floor after the first two coats. Buff your floors with a high speed buffer and a red or white floor pad to bring out the shine in your floor.



Carefree Floor Polish - Surface preparation

When sealing marmoleum, lino, vinyl, rubber or amtico floors you may need to use a primer in some cases. The surface of floors that have been stripped and polished many types can get a bit rough sometimes. If the floor feels rough you will need to prime the floor with one or two coats of floor primer. We recommend Evans Sealant B for this type of job. The primer will fill up the pores and it will prepare the surface for polishing. Carefree Floor Polish will make your floor like a mirror. There are two types of Carefree Floor Polish - satin & gloss. The satin finish product from Carefree is designed for the domestic market.



Carefree Floor Polish - Maintenance

If you just had the floor polished with Carefree Floor Polish you need to know a few maintenance rules. The floor will only stay nice and shiny if cleaned and buffed regularly. Clean your floor daily with a neutral floor cleaner (Evans Clean & Shine or Evans Lemon Gel) and once per week you should buff your floors with a high speed buffer and a red pad. Never use acidic floor cleaners or bleach based floor cleaning products.



Carefree Floor Polish - Recommendation

Carefree Floor Polish is a high quality professional floor polish designed for high traffic floors. Carefree Floor Polish is perfect for schools, pubs, gyms, sport rooms, surgeries, etc. It will take any type of traffic and it will last for very long periods of time. Carefree Floor Polish has great anti-slip qualities and even if it looks very glossy it is not slippery. Carefree Floor Polish was made for tough jobs. Try it today. Carefree Floor Polish - a floor polish designed for high traffic floors!

Carefree Floor Polish

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