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 Evans Easy Strip Floor Stripper

-fast acting polish & sealant remover from many floor surfaces

-no neutralisation required after stripping, work done faster

-removes with ease up to 4 coats of water based polish/sealant

-highly active cleaning product also suitable for tile & grout cleaning

-one of the most affordable floor strippers available in Ireland


Evans Easy Strip Floor Stripper – How to use

All floor strippers should be diluted before use. By using undiluted floor stripper on a sealed floor you run the risk of staining the floor surface. Add 1 part Easy Strip Floor Stripper to 10 parts hot water and mop the floor like you wash the floor. Wet the floor generously and do not dry the excess. Allow 3 to 5 minutes to work and start agitating the floor with either a low speed floor buffer and a green/black floor pad or a semi hard brush. Extract all the moisture with a wet vac ideally or a mop. Easy Strip Floor Striper doesn’t require neutralisation after stripping so the next operation is polishing.


Evans Easy Strip Floor Stripper – Where to use

This high quality floor stripper is at its best on vinyl floors, lino floors, amtico floors, marmoleum floors, sealed marble floors, sealed travertine floors, sealed ceramic floors and sealed wood floors. In other words, you can use Easy Strip Floor Stripper to strip any type of floor. When stripping wood floors try not to over soak the floor to avoid wood expansion. The same application technique applies on all types of floors so no special training is required. Never allow Easy Strip Floor Stripper to dry on the floor.


Evans Easy Strip Floor Stripper – Floor cleaner

Most floor strippers are also floor cleaners. Easy Strip Floor Stripper can be used with success for tile and grout cleaning but only on unsealed floor tiles. Do not use sealed tiles or any other polished surfaces to avoid damaging the finish. Mix Easy Strip Floor Stripper with hot water, wet the floor, let it work for 5 minutes, scrub the grout with a hard brush and remove the waste. Job done and the grout will look like new.


Evans Easy Strip Floor Stripper – Dilution

The dilution ratio will depend on the type of stripping you plan to do. Easy Strip Floor Stripper can remove around 4 coats of polish at once but it all depends on how thick the floor polish was applied, the type of floor polish and how old it is. The standard dilution ratio is 1 to 10. If that doesn’t work fast you should try 1 to 5. Allow time to work and if there is a lot of polish on the floor repeat the floor stripping until the floor is polish free. Many people use floor polish as a cleaner and over years they will build up a very thick coat of polish over the existing floor. To remove it in full it will take time. Tip: use hot water in dilution to double the stripper power.


Evans Easy Strip Floor Stripper – Safety

Easy Strip Floor Stripper is a highly active product that needs to be treated with care and protective equipment should be worn. It burns your skin, it can blind you and it can intoxicate you. Only work in a well ventilated area and be well informed before you start. Do not mix Easy Strip Floor Stripper with any other active cleaning product and store it safely away from children.


Evans Easy Strip Floor Stripper – Recommendation

You are just about to start using one of the most powerful floor strippers. Dispose of all the mops heads after you are done with the stripping to avoid using it on polished surfaces later on by accident. Clean the bottom of the stripper bottle to avoid drips. Wash all the equipment and seal the bottles. Easy Strip Floor Stripper can be used on all types of floors ONLY IF the floors were sealed with a polish or sealant.


 Evans Easy Strip Floor Stripper


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