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Faber Wax Remover

  • Alkaline based wax remover suitable for removing thick layers of wax & sealants

  • Also an amazing stain remover, grout cleaner and powerful floor degreaser / oil remover

  • It can be used in conjunction with Faber Solvent Stripper to enhance its qualities

  • The ideal product for removing cement residue from acid sensitive surfaces / floors

  • It dissolves mould, algae, deep impregnated organic growth and most bio residues

  • Highly concentrated, low cost and suitable for residential, commercial and industrial use

  • To be diluted 1 to 5 for tough jobs and 1 to 10 for average condition floor cleaning jobs

  • It can be used as a floor stripper, a deep floor cleaning solution or as a stain remover

  • Compatible with all artificial and natural stone floors and walls, patios, footpaths, etc

  • It can remove up to 3 layers of water based floor sealers, waxes, polishes, protectors

Faber Wax Remover | Why Use It

If you are attempting to remove old sealers or a few layers of wax from terracotta, terrazzo, marble, travertine, etc, you will need a product that works fast, is highly concentrated and that requires little scrubbing. If you are also on the market for a powerful stain remover and heavy duty degreaser, then you can definitely use the new Faber Wax Remover. This product will enable the user to strip off old layers of water based sealers & waxes, to degrease the tile and the grout lines & to remove all kinds of organic growth from tiles and walls. No need to buy a number of products to be able to deal with all those issues. The new Faber Wax Remover is also safe, effective, low cost and suitable for residential use. Highly recommended for dewaxing terracotta floors and very absorbent natural stone floors.

Faber Wax Remover | Where To Use

If you have acid sensitive floors or walls, you should check out this product. The new Faber Wax Remover is a floor stripper, heavy duty floor cleaner, floor degreaser and stain remover. It can be used to remove old sealants and waxes from all kinds of surfaces. The product is highly active but safe. It can be used to strip off old layers of sealants and waxes from kitchen floors, bathroom floors, patios, walls, etc. For very tough floor stripping and floor cleaning projects mix up the new Faber Wax Remover with Faber Solvent Stripper or Faber Alkaline Cleaner for so-called dual stripping operation. This product can be used by the residential market without any training.

Faber Wax Remover | How To Use It

You need to understand the way floor strippers work. A floor stripper is a slow reacting chemical that will emulsify old sealers and waxes. The product needs time to react and the surface has to be pre-soaked. The new Faber Wax Remover is a highly concentrated floor stripper so it requires dilution before use. The dilution rate can be increased or decreased accordingly with the job requirements. If the surface looks in poor condition, then you can also add some Faber Solvent Stripper or Faber Alkaline Cleaner to the mixture. Warm water is better than cold water. Apply the mixture to the floor area and do not touch it for 10-15 minutes. In this time the wax remover reacts and softens up the old sealer / wax. Scrub the whole floor with some kind of agitator (deck scrubber, floor pad, scourer, etc). Extract the waste and assess the floor. If the surface looks patchy and if it still has old sealers on it, repeat the operation. Some old terracotta floors might require 2-5 stripping operations before the surface is sealant free. You have not done anything wrong, but the wax stripper can only burn down / emulsify up to 3 coats of wax at once. Some old floors might have 20 layers of wax on them. 

Faber Wax Remover | Safety

You are dealing with highly active chemicals so you need to pay attention to details. Do not apply the product to any areas that you don't want stripped and be careful of leaks and drips from mops & buckets. A drop of wax remover on a polished marble floor can create a patch on that floor. Wear gloves, wear eye protection and work in well ventilated areas. Work in small areas and do some sample testing before stripping the whole floor.

Faber Wax Remover

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