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Mexapol Floor Polish

-provides a very durable high gloss finish

-recommended for medium to high traffic areas

-excellent scuff and slip resistance

-easy to apply and very easy to maintain


Mexapol Floor Polish – Suitable surfaces

Mexapol Floor Polish is a metallic finish floor polish that can be used on marmoleum floors, amtico floors, vinyl floor, rubber floors, natural stone floors, terrazzo floors, terracotta floors etc. It will build up a very glossy finish over any type of floor. Due to its high glossy finish, Mexapol Floor Polish is recommended more for the commercial market. Responds very well to burnishing with high speed floor buffers – minimum 400 RPM to achieve the best results.


Mexapol Floor Polish – How to prepare the surface

Remove all old floor polishes or sealants before applying Mexapol Floor Polish. Make sure that the surface is dry, dust free and as smooth as possible. If the floor has high porosity please treat it with Sealant B Floor Primer until all pores are sealed. Mexapol Floor Polish is not suitable for wood floors.


Mexapol Floor Polish – Application

Apply the floor polish with a microfiber flat mop head or a floor polish applicator. Depending on the type of floor you should apply 2 to 4 coats of floor polish. First coat vertical and the next coat horizontal and so on. Allow time to dry between coats. For high traffic areas you will need at least 1 floor primer and 2 coats of Mexapol Floor Polish. When the floor is fully dry, burnish the floor with a red floor pad. Buff your floor weekly.


Mexapol Floor Polish – Maintenance

Wash your floor daily using a neutral floor cleaner. Clean & Shine Floor Cleaner or Lemon Gel Floor Cleaner are our top recommendations. By using acidic or corrosive chemicals like bleach or acid cleaner you will damage the finish of your floor.


Mexapol Floor Polish – Buffing

To maintain the beautiful finish of your floors you will need to buff your floors regularly. By buffing the floor you will heat the polish and you will get rid of all markings and imperfections. To achieve the best results please use a high speed floor buffer. Stay on the same area for a few seconds and make sure you buff the whole floor equally. Red floor pads & some hog hair white pads are the only ones recommended for buffing. Only buff clean surfaces. Wash the floor well before buffing.


If you are looking for a metallic finish floor polish that will last for years and will enhance the look of your floor please try Mexapol Floor Polish.

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