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-easy to use floor stripper, no special training is required

-fast acting and capable of removing up to 4 coats of polish

-highly active floor stripper that can be used as a floor cleaner

-very affordable floor stripper & very long lasting floor stripper


Sure Strip Floor Stripper – How it works

Sure Strip Floor Striper is an easy to use floor stripper that requires no training for use and no special qualification. If the floor that you plan to strip has polish on it Sure Strip Floor Stripper will remove the polish. Like most floor polishes, Sure Strip Floor Stripper can remove up to 4 coats of polish at once but it all depends on the type of polish, condition, age and a few other factors. Most floors should be stripped off in one go but if floors have been re-polished over and over again without stripping then it will take more than one go. Apply Sure Strip Floor Stripper with a mop all over the floor. Do not over saturate wood floors to avoid damaging the wood. Allow up to 5 minutes to work and agitate the polish with a floor pad or a semi hard brush. Remove the waste with a wet vac or a mop. Neutralise the floor with a neutral floor cleaner or vinegar.



Sure Floor Stripper – Where to use

On all sealed floors. Sure Strip Floor Stripper is a product designed to remove polish and sealant from lino, vinyl, amtico, marmoleum, rubber, ceramic, travertine, terrazzo, marble, sandstone floors etc. If there is polish on the floor this floor stripper will remove it.


Sure Strip Floor Stripper – Dilution

1 to 10 should be the right dilution ratio but it could go higher if there is not too much polish on the floor or it can go lower if the floor has a lot of polish on it. Anyway, never use less than 1 to 5. Sure Strip Floor Stripper is a highly active product so never use undiluted to avoid damaging your floor. If you use Sure Floor Stripper for cleaning tile floors you can use a higher dilution to avoid waste. 1 to 50 should do the job.


Sure Strip Floor Stripper – Safety

Like any other type of floor stripper, Sure Strip Floor Stripper is a very active product. If used without gloves it can burn badly or it can badly irritate your skin. Wear a pair of gloves for your own protection. Work in well ventilated areas only and avoid any contact with the stripper. If you are stripping floors in an area with no ventilation have another person working with you and wear a fume mask.


Sure Strip Floor Stripper- Recommendation

Sure Strip Floor Stripper is a very good floor stripper. It costs little money and it can make you big money. 5L of Sure Strip Floor Stripper should be enough to strip 250 square meters of floor if diluted right. Respect the application periods and all the safety recommendations and you will enjoy the benefits of Sure Strip Floor Stripper.



Sure Strip Floor Stripper – quality doesn’t have to be expensive!

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