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Evans Sustain Floor Polish 5L

€22.76 Ex Tax: €18.50


-one of the most affordable yet high quality floor polishes

-high gloss anti slip finish that is known to be very long lasting

-easy to apply and very easy to maintain and keep shiny

-recommended for medium to high traffic areas

-5L should cover 250 sq meter of floors x 2 coats


Sustain Floor Polish – Where to use

Sustain Floor Polish is a universal floor polish that can be applied to most types of floors, natural or artificial. This brilliant floor polish was designed to give your floors a nice metallic finish and to last for very long periods of time even under constant high traffic. Sustain Floor Polish will seal and protect any type of solid floor where it is applied. Requires regular washing and buffing to maintain its good looks. You can use it on terrazzo floors, marble floors, terracotta floors, porcelain floors, travertine floors, marmoleum floors, amtico floor, lino floors, vinyl floors, rubber floors etc. It will suit most types of floors with the right preparation. For very porous floors use a primer before polishing. Sealant B Floor Primer will be the best.


Sustain Floor Polish – How to apply

Before polishing a new floor or re polishing a floor you will need to make sure that all the old sealant or polishes, if any, were removed in full and the floor is clean and dry. Assess the surface of the floor and if the floor feels rough on touch you should apply 1 to 2 coats of floor primer to seal the pores. After the primer is dry start applying Sustain Floor Polish with a mop, flat mop or a special polish applicator. Apply one coat horizontally and one coat vertically and so on. The polish should dry fast enough but its drying time can increase or decrease with the temperature of the room. When polishing natural stone floors you should expect longer drying periods. After the last coat of Sustain Floor Polish is done and you are happy with the results you will need to allow the floor to dry for 24 hours and before using the floor again please buff the floor with a high speed buffer and a red pad. By buffing the floor you will heat the floor and you will attach all the coats of polish to each other to create one compact surface. You will also polish the floor to a mirror like finish. Without buffing, the floor will look clean and medium shiny but after buffing it will become very glossy.


Sustain Floor Polish - Dilution

Sustain Floor Polish is a ready to use floor polish that requires no dilution. Use it as it is and clean all your tools after you are done. Sustain Floor Polish is a water based floor polish so you can clean all your tools with hot water before the polish gets hard.


Sustain Floor Polish – Safety

Like all other types of water based floor polishes or sealants, Sustain Floor Polish has no effect on your health or the health of other people. Do not walk on newly polished floors to avoid slipping and wear a pair of latex gloves to avoid covering your skin with floor polish. No other risks.


Sustain Floor Polish – Recommendations

This floor polish is a simple and high quality floor polish that gets results fast and it is very easy to clean and maintain. No training is required for use of Sustain Floor Polish and if you use your common sense you should get great results fast. Do not apply more coats of polish before the first coat is done, do not stop polishing a floor until the whole room is completed to avoid marking and streaking the floor. Do not walk on floors before the polish is fully dry and do not pore big puddles of polish on the floor. Apply one thin coat of floor polish at one time and maintain your floor with neutral (non active) floor cleaning products. Use one mop for polished floors and use another mop head to wash bathroom or kitchen floors. Job done.



Sustain Floor Polish – universal floor polish for less!

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