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Bona Deep Clean Solution 5L

-heavy duty wood floor cleaner & wood floor refresher

-suitable for cleaning varnished and waxed wood floors

-dilute 1 to 100 for maintenance or 1 to 50 for deep cleans

-suitable to use on laminates, solid & semi solid wood floors

-can be used with a scrubber drier or with a classic system

-highly efficient, cost efficient and pretty affordable product

Bona Deep Clean Solution 5L - Where To Use

A universal wood floor cleaner suitable for use on laminate floors, semi solid and solid wood floor. It can be used to deep clean and maintain waxed and varnished wood floors. Bona Deep Clean Solution will remove dirt deposits from wood floors without the risk of staining the wood, it acts fast and requires very little scrubbing.

Bona Deep Clean Solution 5L - How To use

Bona Deep Clean Solution is the ideal cleaning agent for floor scrubbers. It can be used with a professional scrubber dryer to deep clean big floor surfaces. It can also be used with a standard mopping system, a spray and wipe system or any other cleaning system. Just mop the floor with a cotton mop without soaking the floor. The dirt will dissolve instantly. Very dirty areas might require a few deep cleans to achieve good results.

Bona Deep Clean Solution 5L - Dilution

Bona Deep Clean Solution is a highly concentrated product. The recommended dilution for daily cleaning and maintenance is 1 to 100. For heavy duty floor cleaning operations the product has to be diluted less, around 1 to 50 or 1 to 20. The dilution ratio can vary from job to job.

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