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Cleanfast Lemon Gel

  • Neutral professional floor cleaner and floor maintainer
  • Highly concentrated and suitable to use on all floor types
  • Neutral PH, a gel like composition and 1 to 200 dilution ratio
  • Can be used as a floor cleaner or as a hard surface cleaner
  • Can be used with all known cleaning systems
  • Recommended for commercial and domestic cleaning jobs
  • Cleanfast Lemon Gel is manufactured in Ireland
Cleanfast Lemon Gel - Where to use
Universal hard surface cleaner and floor maintainer. Highly recommended for daily maintenance of highly polished floors like marmoleum, amtico, lino, vinyl, marble, terracotta, terrazzo, etc. It will clean with ease and leave the floor residue free. The product contains a strong lemon perfume. Cleanfast Lemon Gel can also be used as a hard surface cleaner if it is properly diluted. This product is suitable to use on all washable surfaces.
Cleanfast Lemon Gel - How to use
Just add Cleanfast Lemon Gel to a mopping solution and wash the floors as usual. The product will clean and deodorise in one go. It can also be used with a spray and wipe system. Many carpet cleaning companies use Cleanfast Lemon Gel as a deodoriser for carpets. Due to its thick composition, this product is known to last for months. Cleanfast Lemon Gel is the ideal product for cleaning school floors, pub floors, kitchen floors, sport rooms, etc. One of the most cost effective cleaning products available from Cleanfast range.
Cleanfast Lemon Gel - Dilution
The dilution ratio can vary from job to job. The standard dilution ratio for floor cleaning jobs is 1 to 500. A tiny amount of lemon gel is enough to dilute 10L of cleaning agent. The dilution ratio can be reduced when cleaning very dirty floors. A dilution ratio of 1 to 200 to be used with all spray & wipe systems.
***do not use this product with low dilution. It will make your floors sticky. The minimum dilution ratio should be 1 to 200. With 5L of lemon gel you should mix up 1000L of cleaning solution***
Cleanfast Lemon Gel is manufactured in Ireland. Try this local product and you will want more. This product is highly rated by all our customers.
Cleanfast Lemon Gel

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