Daily Floor Maintainers

Neutral daily floor maintainers and daily floor cleaning products. Universal floor maintainers from well established brands

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Amtico Maintainer

Amtico Maintainer-neutral amtico floor cleaner and maintainer-safe to use on sealed and unsealed floors-cleans and enhances all polished surfaces-to be diluted 1 to 100 before use, low perfumeAmtico M..

Cleanfast Lemon Gel

Cleanfast Lemon GelNeutral professional floor cleaner and floor maintainerHighly concentrated and suitable to use on all floor typesNeutral PH, a gel like composition and 1 to 200 dilution ratioCan be..

Cleanfast Mop Shine - Neutral Floor Cleaner

Cleanfast Mop Shine Floor CleanerHeavy duty floor cleaner & maintainerSuitable for mopping or machine useSafe to use on very sensitive floorsWill leave the floor shiny & spotlessRecommended fo..

Cleanfast Multi Shine - Neutral Floor Maintainer

Cleanfast Multi Shine Neutral Floor MaintainerA neutral floor cleaner, maintainer & gloss restorGreat cleaning power, increases the floor protectionWill create a glossy slip resistant finishCan be..

Craftex Champion Lemon 5l

 Craftex Champion Lemon-heavy duty multi purpose cleaner and degreaser-suitable for deep cleaning and maintenance jobs-it will clean and disinfect most types of hard surfaces-this highly efficien..

Craftex Essential Maintenance Floor Cleaner 5L

Craftex Essential Maintenance Floor Cleaner-one of the most affordable professional floor cleaners-suitable for cleaning & maintaining all polished floors-high quality floor cleaner suitable for s..

Craftex Multisolv 5L

Craftex Multisolv 5L-very powerful solvent based stain and spot removers-suitable for pre-spraying badly affected carpeted floors-suitable for removing nicotine, fat, oils, wax, carbons,etc-this produ..

Evans High Class Maintainer

Evans High Class MaintainerA high quality, highly concentrated universal floor cleaner and floor maintainerSafe to use on all polished and highly polished surfaces without dulling the glossContains a ..

Evans Lemon Gel Floor Cleaner

 Evans Lemon Gel Floor Cleaner-professional highly concentrated floor cleaning gel-neutral floor cleaner with strong lemon perfume-suitable to use on sealed and unsealed floors-one of the most co..

Evans Pine Gel Neutral Cleaning Gel 5L

Evans Pine Gel-one of the most cost effective general purpose cleaners-ir`s very thick consistency makes its very long lasting-highly recommended for the commercial cleaning market-removes most types ..

Faber Tile Powder - Restoration Powder For Ceramic Floors

Faber Tile Powder 5 KgHeavy duty tile restoration powder compatible with all artificial flat tilesSuitable for restoring dull patches, small scratches & light imperfectionsTo be applied with a low..
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