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-very powerful solvent based stain and spot removers

-suitable for pre-spraying baddly affected carpeted floors

-suitable for removing nicotine, fat, oils, wax, carbons,etc

-this products is also suitable for deep cleaning vinyl floors

-its very high dilution rate makes it very cost effective product

-it will work well with all types of carpet extraction systems

-this product needs to be used to be fully appreciated


Craftex Multisolv Stain Remover - Where to use

Craftex Multisolve is the ideal carpet and sofa spot remover. This product is highly popular within the carpet and sofa cleaning industry. Suitable to use on all types of carpets, rugs, sofas, mattresses, curtains, etc. It will break down a wide range of stains without negative affecting the surface. Craftex Multisolve is a great vinyl floor cleaner as well. This product needs to be used to be fully appreciateed. This quality spot and stain remover is designed to work fast and restore the look of any surface that gets treated.


Craftex Multisolv Stain Remover - How to use

This product can be used for removing stains from commercial and domestic carpets. No special training is required to use this product. Just dilute it 1 to 20 for heavy duty stains or 1 to 50 for medium duty stains and spray all over the stains. Allow about 10 minutes to work and scrub the whole area with a brush or low speed buffer with a soft brush. Amazing results are guaranteed. It is always indicated to do a test somewhere in a corner to confirm compatibility. Wash the carpet as usual after treatment.


Craftex Multisolv - stains stand no chance!

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