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Faber Deep Degreaser

  • Professional quality deep degreaser suitable for all tiled floors

  • It will remove all kinds of grease, grime, impregnated dirt, oil stains

  • Suitable for removing tyre marks caused by traffic, forklifts or hoists

  • Highly efficient against dirt but very sensitive on the base surface

  • To be diluted 1 to 2 or more before use | Pre-spray recommended

  • It can be used by domestic users and also by professional users

  • Compatible with a scrubber drier or with any kind of mopping system

  • Fume free, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, covers 10-15 sq m

  • Premium quality floor cleaners and floor degreasers from Faber 

Faber Deep Degreaser | Why Use It

A low PH floor cleaner or a general floor maintainer might provide some results but not as good as you would expect. From time to time the dirt build up gets too much for the daily maintainer. Time to get something a bit more aggressive and remove all that grime and impregnated dirt. Time to use the new Faber Deep Degreaser. A proper heavy duty floor cleaner that will emulsify all types of floor dirt, residue, grout dirt, food residue, stains, etc. After only one quick wash you will notice real results. Years of dirt will be removed from your floors. No fancy tools needed and no experience required. Innovative formula that makes it compatible with all types of tiles. 

Faber Deep Degreaser | Where To Use It

If you own artificial tiles of any kind or natural stone tiles of any kind you can definitely use the new Faber Deep Degreaser. The product is very gentle on the tile itself while being very aggressive on the dirt. It can be used on marble floors, ceramic floors, porcelain floors, cotto floors, terracotta floors, concrete floors, terrazzo floors, travertine floors, granite floors, limestone floors, etc. It can be used for internal and external tile cleaning projects. Highly effective floor cleaner and floor degreaser compatible with scrubber driers as well. A low foam, slightly perfumed and very active product. Do not use this product on a daily basis or as an maintainer. The new Faber Deep Degreaser is a heavy duty floor cleaner and floor degreaser suitable for heavy duty jobs. 

Faber Deep Degreaser | How To Use It

Assessing the floor condition is the first step. Many people achieve very poor results with premium quality floor cleaners just because the dilution is either too high or too low. The manufacturer's recommended dilution rate for badly affected areas is 1 to 3 but that is only a recommendation. A very concentrated product might not work as well as a medium concentrated solution. If the floor is in poor shape, stick with the manufacturer recommendation but if the floor is in average condition, dilute 1 to 5. Apply the solution to the affected area and allow 10-20 minutes of direct contact with the surface. The product will emulsify dirt and this process takes time. About 20 min later proceed to scrubbing. You can use a low speed floor buffer and a floor pad or brush (if available) or you can use a scrubbing pad and some kind of pad holder. Scrub well, remove the waste and wash the floor again. In some cases a second go might be required. Job done.

Faber Deep Degreaser | Safety

Gloves and eye protection are a must. Mixing up a number of products to achieve even better results should only be done by highly skilled professionals. Work in well ventilated areas. Place your order online today and receive your goods within 48 hours

Faber Deep Degreaser

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