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Evans Low Foam Light

  • A low foam professional floor cleaner for daily maintenance of floors

  • Highly recommended for cleaning shopping centre/gym/airport floors

  • At its best when used with a scrubber drier, but manual use also very efficient

  • It will remove dirt instantly and it will leave a spotless streak free finish

  • To be diluted 1 to 100 in warm water, low PH, safe to use on all floors

  • Deodoriser free, bleach free, safe to use on highly polished surfaces

  • Suitable for light domestic cleaning but also commercial maintenance

Evans Low Foam Light - Where to use

Evans Low Foam Light was designed as a low foam floor cleaner for high traffic commercial floors that are being cleaned daily. The product will break apart dirt quickly and easily in conjunction with a scrubber drier. Low foam, highly effective and streak free cleaning guaranteed. Safe to use on all natural stone floors, tiles, porcelain, wooden floors, laminate, amtico, marmoleum, alto, vinyl floors. Not suitable for heavy duty industrial floor cleaning projects. To be diluted at least 1 to 100 when used with a scrubber drier or 1 to 50 when used for manual mopping of floors.

Evans Low Foam Light - How to use

Evans Low Foam Light is at its best when used with a scrubber drier for daily cleaning and maintenance. Dilute the product to avoid waste and use the appropriate floor pad to wash the floor daily. It can be used in conjunction with a flat mopping system or a standard mopping system. The product is low PH and it is not suitable for heavy duty floor cleaning projects. The floor will dry to a streak free finish. Respect the dilution ratio to avoid marking the floor. Outstanding quality when used right.

You need to assess the job difficulty and pick the right cleaning product for your job. For day to day floor cleaning and maintenance go with the Evans Low Foam Light. For heavy duty floor cleaning projects go with Evans Low Foam Heavy.

Evans Low Foam Light

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