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Faber Hidro Protector MM l Natural Stone Impregnator

Faber Hidro Protector MM l Natural Stone Impregnator

  • A top quality water based natural stone impregnator to prevent rising water

  • It will seal the inside of the stone while still allowing the stone to fully breath

  • It will not alter the look of the stone, it will not glaze and it will last for years

  • Eco friendly, 100% VOC free, safe while using it and after the final application

  • Certified food safe so it can be used to seal and protect stone worktops

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it can be used even on wet natural stones

  • High coverage area, very reasonably priced, deep penetrating, easy to apply

Faber Hidro Protector MM - Where to use

Rising water is the main reason for stained and marked natural stone surfaces. Water rising from underneath will cause salt and mineral stains, dark marks and damp marks. The new Faber Hidro Protector MM will be fully absorbed by the natural stone and it will penetrate very deep. It will prevent rising water from reaching the top of the stone so no risk of staining. This product is food safe so it can be used on worktops as well. Faber Hidro Protector MM can be used to seal patios, paving, indoor doors and worktops, swimming pool floors and walls, shower walls, etc. It is known to last for many years even under a lot of use.

Faber Hidro Protector MM l Natural Stone Impregnator - How to use it

Clean the surface well to remove all types of debris and residue. The surface has to be sealant free. You can apply the product with a brush, a cloth or a special polish applicator. Allow the stone to absorb whatever it needs and remove the excess. One treatment should be enough but you can do two applications if you are treating areas with a lot of rising damp. The sealer will dry in about 2 hours. Overcoating with other sealers is possible. 

Faber Hidro Protector MM is a very particular type of product for a particular type of job. If your patio floors or your marble floors are getting salt marks and rising water marks, this product will sort out the issue. Outstanding results on swimming pool floors.

Faber Hidro Protector MM

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