Oiled Floor Cleaning Products

Highly efficient oiled floor cleaners and oiled floor maintainers. Premium oiled floor cleaners from Bona, Junckers, Tover & Cleanfast

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Bona Cleaner 1L

Bona Cleaner 1L-highly concentrated wood floor cleaner suitable for most wood floors-superb neutral floor cleaner that will clean without affecting the finish-suitable to use in conjunction with a mop..

Bona Oiled Floor Cleaner 2.5L

Bona Oiled Floor Cleaner 2.5L-neutral oiled floor cleaner from Bona-suitable to use on all waxed/oiled floors-it will deep clean and refresh in one go-it can be used as a refill for a spray mop-very l..

Bona Oiled Wood Floor Cleaner

Bona Oiled Wood Floor Cleaner-specially designed formula to deep clean oiled floors-it will deep clean & enhance the look of your oiled floor-it will be absorbed by your floor and it will bond wit..

Bona Soap Cleaner

Bona Soap Cleaner-highly concentrated floor cleaner designed for cleaning oiled floors-suitable for mopping systems or with any type of floor cleaning machine-recommended to use on domestic and commer..

Carver Carsol | Oiled Floor Refresher

Carver Carsol / Maintenance Oil & Oiled Floor RestorerProfessional maintenance oil suitable for refreshing oiled floorsRepairs dull patches and imperfections on all oiled surfacesTo be applied in ..

Carver Dergos | Concentrated Oiled Floor Cleaner

Carver Dergos / Oiled Floor Maintainer & RefresherWaterborne oiled floor cleaner and oiled floor refresherSuitable for restoring dull patches and wax refreshingAvailable in clear finish and also i..

Carver Soap Deterol |Oiled Floor Maintainer

Carver Deterol / Oiled Floor Cleaner And MaintainerCoconut based oiled floor cleaner and daily oiled floor maintainerRestores sheen and refreshes oil or waxed wooden floorsTo be diluted 1 to 100 befor..
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Chimiver Lios Kronos Oiled Floor Cleaner 1L

Chimiver Lios Kronos Oiled Floor CleanerVegetable based oiled floor cleaner and oiled floor maintainer from Chimiver100% eco-friendly, no harsh chemicals, no bleach, non glazing & residue freeComp..

Chimiver Lios Soft Balm Aloe | Oiled Floor Maintainer

Chimiver Lios Soft Balm Aloe | Oiled Floor MaintainerPremium quality aloe vera based oiled floor cleaner and oiled floor maintainerManufactured from non polluting, organic & eco-friendly materials..

Chimiver Lios Soft Balm | Oiled Floor Cleaner

Chimiver Lios Soft Balm | Oiled Floor Cleaner & MaintainerOutstanding quality oiled floor cleaner and oiled floor refresherManufactured from a blend of organic oils & special enhancersIt will ..

Chimiver Lios Talita Plus | Oiled Floor Refresher

Chimiver Lios Talita Plus | Oiled Floor RefresherDeep penetrating oiled floor refresher and oiled floor maintainer from ChimiverCompatible with all oiled and waxed hardwood floors from all known brand..

Chimiver Oiled Floor Maintenance Kit

Chimiver Oiled Floor Maintenance Kit A full kit for daily cleaning and regular maintenance of all oiled & waxed wood surfacesThe kit contains 1L of oiled floor cleaner, 1L of oiled floor main..

Chimiver Wax Care Spray

Chimiver Wax Care Spray Premium quality, ready to use wood maintenance spray from ChimiverCompatible with all lacquered, oiled, waxed and varnished wood floorsIts innovative formula creates a wat..

Junckers Sylva Cleaner Wood Floor Cleaner 1L

Junckers SylvaCleaner Wood Floor CleanerHeavy duty professional oiled & varnished wood floor cleanerRemoves dirt with ease while protecting the wood surfaceTo be diluted 1 to 100 in warm water and..

Nordicare Danish Oil 250 ML

Nordicare Danish Oil 250 MLDeep penetrating blend of organic oil for protecting and maintaining wood surfacesWhen applied to light types of wood surfaces it will create a light yellowish finish I..
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