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Chimiver Lios Kronos Oiled Floor Cleaner

  • Vegetable based oiled floor cleaner and oiled floor maintainer from Chimiver

  • 100% eco-friendly, no harsh chemicals, no bleach, non glazing & residue free

  • Compatible with all types of oiled or waxed wooden floors or wood surfaces

  • It cleans quick and it helps extract dirt from deep inside the fiber of the wood

  • Unperfumed, highly concentrated, PH neutral, pet safe, food certified | safe

  • To be used in conjunction with a flat mopping system or a scrubbing machine

  • Effective against food residue, drinks, saliva, grease, body fats, urine, oils

  • The product is strong enough to deep clean the floor but safe on the sealer 

  • To be diluted 1 to 10 in warm water | Use in conjunction with a spray mop

  • Safe to use in all residential and heavy traffic commercial oiled floors | areas

  • The bottle is manufactured from recycled plastic & the product is 100% Eco

  • One of the most cost effective & efficient oiled floor cleaners

Chimiver Lios Kronos Oiled Floor Cleaner | Why Use It

Oiled floors and oiled furniture need special care and maintenance. The oil or the hardwax oil is designed to last for long periods of time with the right care and maintenance. You want to remove the dirt but you do not want to remove the sealer. Try the new Chimiver Lios Kronos Oiled Floor Cleaner and you won't believe the results. This product reacts with the dirt nearly instantly and it helps effectively extract all kinds of impregnated dirt without affecting the sealer in a negative way. Even better, the new Chimiver Lios Kronos Oiled Floor Cleaner is manufactured from a blend of vegetable oils. A “green” neutral PH oiled floor cleaner from Chimiver. 

Chimiver Lios Kronos Oiled Floor Cleaner | Where To Use It

All oiled or waxed wooden floors and wooden surfaces will greatly benefit from being cleaned and maintained with the new Chimiver Lios Kronos Oiled Floor Cleaner. This product is very gentle on the floor sealer itself but very effective against all kinds of dirt. It can be used to clean residential and commercial oiled floors, all types of oiled wood worktops, wood furniture, oiled doors & frames, etc. Due to its natural composition and having no perfume at all, the new Chimiver Lios Kronos Oiled Floor Cleaner is also compatible with food processing and food serving areas. Outstanding results on all types of oiled floors. A professional oiled floor cleaner for heavy duty cleaning projects or daily maintenance.

Chimiver Lios Kronos Oiled Floor Cleaner | How To Use It

Depending on the condition of the surface, the dilution rate can vary dramatically. For day to day light oiled floor cleaning and maintenance a dilution rate of 1 to 20 is perfect. When deep cleaning badly affected oiled floors, then a dilution of 1 to 10 might be more effective (1 part product and 10 parts water or 10% product and 90% water). The most effective way of cleaning oiled floors is with a flat mopping system or a spray mop. Use a slightly more aggressive mop head to scrub the floor and a softer mop head to dry the surface. Remember, wood floors and water are not a good combination. Use as little water as possible. If possible, clean your floors a number of times per week to prevent dirt from building up.

*** All oiled floors require regular refreshing. Do not ignore the maintenance routine to prevent water damage to your floors***

Chimiver Lios Kronos Oiled Floor Cleaner | Recommendations

We all know how elegant and natural an oiled floor can feel and look. To maintain it that way, make sure to clean it as often as you can with as little water as possible. Do not drag heavy furniture on the floor and remove spills fast. Do not over-dilute or under-dilute the product. Do not mix the product with any other types of oiled floor cleaners to prevent reactions. If you are using a professional scrubber drier make sure that the squeegee works well and the machine extracts the water as it moves along. Do not use the oiled floor cleaner on non absorbent surfaces. 

Chimiver Lios Kronos Oiled Floor Cleaner

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