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Bona Cleaner 5L - Concentrate Hardwood Cleaner

Bona Cleaner 5L

-heavy duty wood floor cleaner and maintainer

-suitable for deep cleaning oiled & varnished floors

-Bona Cleaner has to be diluted 1 to 100 before use

-suitable for manual or mechanical floor washing 

-one of the most cost effective wood floor cleaners

-can be used for maintaining other type of floors

-complies with all EU regulations (data sheet available)

Bona Cleaner 5L - Where to use

Bona Cleaner 5L is a highly concentrated wood floor cleaner suitable for deep cleaning and maintaining wood floors. This product is the ideal wood floor cleaner for deep cleaning and maintaining large commercial wood floors. It reacts with dirt instantly and it does not create foam. It can also be used with a scrubber dryer. Bona Cleaner 5L can be used for deep cleaning oiled and lacquered wood floors.

Bona Cleaner 5L - How to use

Bona Cleaner can be used with a standard flat mopping system or with a scrubber dryer. Dilute the product 1 to 100 before use. Wood floors in bad shape (after renovation) will require a few washes before noticeable results can be achieved. For daily wood floor maintenance use the maximum dilution ratio. For heavy duty wood floor cleaning, the dilution ratio can be reduced to 1 to 50. Never use a lot of water on wood floors. Remove all excess water quickly to prevent water damage. 

Bona Cleaner 5L - Cost effective

Bona Cleaner 5L is a heavy duty wood floor cleaner designed to last for months. By respecting the proper dilution ratio and using the proper floor cleaning equipment, Bona Cleaner 5L can save you a lot of money. This product will provide much better results than any other wood floor cleaner available to the open market. Bona Cleaner 5L is the ideal wood floor cleaner for school sport rooms & other types of busy commercial floors.

Bona Cleaner 5L

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