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Bona Sportive Cleaner 5L

  • Concentrated heavy duty wood floor cleaner and maintainer

  • Deep cleans wood instantly and leaves no residue

  • Safe to use on wooden floor finished with a varnish or lacquer

  • Can be used with a scrubber drier or a flat mopping system

  • Fragrance free, low PH, safe on all wood surfaces, concentrated

  • It removes scuff marks, high heel marks, food stains, grime

  • Highly recommended for cleaning sport room floors and halls

  • The recommended dilution rate is 1 to 100, mix with warm water

Bona Sportive Cleaner 5L - Where to use

Sport rooms or hardwood floors with a lot of traffic and usage are likely to get dirty and marked. Using harsh floor cleaning products on water based floor lacquers or varnishes could easily kill the sheen and reduce the durability of your floor. To avoid such issues, you should be using Bona Sportive Cleaner 5L on a daily basis. The product is suitable to use on all types of solid and semi solid wood floors, waxed or varnished. It will react instant with all types of dirt and it will remove it without affecting the finish of your floor. The product has to be diluted 1 to 100 in warm water when used with a mopping system or 1 to 200 when used with a scrubber drier system. Bona Sportive Cleaner 5L will leave no surface residue and the floor will look spotless and streak free after each clean. Bona Sportive Cleaner 5L can be used for heavy duty floor cleaning projects or daily maintenance.

Bona Sportive Cleaner 5L  - How to use

Whatever way you plan to use the product, you need to dilute it first. Following the recommended dilution ratio is very important if you want to achieve great results. You can just add the product to a scrubber drier solution tank and wash the floor as usual or you can use it with a standard flat mopping system. Stick the cleaning pad in the cleaning solution, allow the pad to get wet but not soaked & start washing the floor going with the fibre of the wood. Very soiled areas might require a few washes to fully remove all impregnated dirt. Whatever way you plan to use the product, you should never over wet the floor and you should always respect the dilution ratio.

The new Bona Sportive Cleaner 5L is a proper heavy duty sport room cleaner designed to achieve spectacular results on all types of wooden floors. The product was designed to last for long periods of time to be highly cost effective. Try it today and get ready to be amazed.

Bona Sportive Cleaner 5L

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