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Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop Cartridge

Premium quality floor cleaning detergent for oiled wood floors from Bona

The cartridge is compatible with Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop

Cleaner, maintainer and nourisher for oiled or waxed floors

Will not alter the look of the floor or remove wax

Safe to use on oiled/waxed semi solid and solid wood floors

Highly recommended for daily cleaning and daily maintenance

The cartridge top opens and it can be refilled with detergent

The fastest & easiest way to clean and maintain wooden floors

1L , the cartridge is manufactured from shock resistant plastic

Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop Cartridge - Where to use

When you purchase a Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop, you will find a cartridge inside the kit. This cartridge is refillable. When the cartridge needs replacement or refill you do not need to order another spray mop kit, you can just order a new cartridge to replace the old one. The cartridge will fit 1 L of Bona Oiled Floor Cleaner.

Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop Cartridge - How to use

Remove the old cartridge from the spray mop and install the new one. Job done. The Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop Cartridge is suitable for cleaning oiled and waxed wood floors. It contains a blend of natural oils and waxes that will refresh and nourish your wood floors. Do not use on tiles or any other types of wooden floors to avoid creating a very slippery surface. After every clean you will notice that your oiled floor looks spotless, streak free and refreshed. No more need for mopping buckets, harsh chemicals and other types of cleaning products. Just spray and wipe.

Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop Cartridge will only fit Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop. You do not need to replace the cartridge when the cleaning detergent runs out. Just buy a 2.5L refill and refill the cartridge. You do not need to mop your floors every hour. Once per day in the evening or in the morning. If during the day the floors gets dirty, clean it with the pad only without using the detergent

Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop Cartridge

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