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Chimiver Wax Care Spray 

  • Premium quality, ready to use wood maintenance spray from Chimiver

  • Compatible with all lacquered, oiled, waxed and varnished wood floors

  • Its innovative formula creates a water repellent coat over the sealers

  • It protects high traffic wood floors & surfaces from getting water damaged

  • It repairs small patches on the sealers and enhances the gloss levels

  • It can be used on all types of sealed wood surfaces, terracotta & stone

  • Suitable for all kinds of residential, commercial and retail daily cleaning

  • The product is compatible with water based & solvent finishes and oils

  • It dries streak free and it creates a beautiful natural looking finish

  • The product is certified food safe so it safe to use around food cooking surfaces

  • 100% water based | Fume free | Eco friendly | Highly effective | Cheap

  • It can be used for day to day maintenance or for repairing & restoring

  • It prevents liquids and dirt from penetrating the grain | pores of the floor

Chimiver Wax Care Spray | Why Use It

All wood and all porous surfaces are likely to absorb liquids and dirt. While the initial sealer might be able to stop some of the liquid from penetrating, over time, cracks can appear on the surface and the water will find its way to the raw wood. By using the new Chimiver Wax Care Spray on a regular basis, you maintain the protection intact and you will also reduce the dirt absorption on the surface. A water repellent surface is also great when washing the surface because the water absorption is reduced to close to 0. Especially on wooden surfaces, the water is the number one enemy. To prevent this, use the new Chimiver Wax Care Spray as often as you can and your sensitive surfaces will be protected for much longer. 

Chimiver Wax Care Spray | Where To Use It

The new Chimiver Wax Care Spray is compatible with all wooden surfaces that were sealed with a water based floor lacquer, a solvent based floor lacquer, a water based sealer, a floor oil or a hardwax oil. It can also be used on all other types of surfaces that were initially sealed with a water based or a solvent based sealer. Being water based and food safe, the new Chimiver Wax Care Spray can be used as a patch repair and daily maintainer on worktops and all surfaces exposed to food. No need to be diluted. No special training required. Just spray the surface and wipe it off. It creates a beautiful natural looking finish on oiled and varnished wooden floors. It can be used as a “refresher” or “maintenance” product for all kinds of oiled floors or oiled wood surfaces. Suitable for indoor use only. 

Chimiver Wax Care Spray | How To Use It

The surface has to be as dry as possible and residue free. Just spray the product directly onto the surface, allow a few minutes of direct contact and then use a microfiber cloth to scrub it lightly moving along with the fiber of the wood. The product will penetrate the surface nearly instantly. When treating or sealing wooden floors or tiles, pre-spray the whole surface and then use a flat mopping system to create an even coat over the surface. Allow it to dry before walking on the floor. The product does not work like a floor polish or a water based sealer. It slightly overcoats the surface and fills up cracks and imperfections on the original sealer. Regular maintenance with the new Chimiver Wax Care Spray will reduce traffic damage and it will increase the periods between refinishing jobs. 

Chimiver Wax Care Spray | Recommendations

Estimated coverage area is somewhere between 50 to 70 sq meters per 1 L depending on the surface porosity and absorbency levels. Remove as much dirt as possible before treating the surface. Do not apply thick coats and do not seal very glossy surfaces with little or no absorbency. Do not mix the product with any other water repellent sealers from Chimiver or other brands. Estimated drying time is below 1 hour but it can vary dramatically based on a number of factors. 

Chimiver Wax Care Spray

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