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Faber Clean Wood Greentech - 100% Eco Wood Floor Cleaner

Faber Clean Wood Greentech

-premium quality eco friendly wood floor cleaner

-suitable for residential and vommercial cleaning

-suitable for cleaning oiled and varnished wood floors

-contains a pleasant natural fragrance (forest fresh)

-to be diluted 1 to 100, can be used with a flat mop

-deep cleans, deodorises and enhances the wood floor

-one of the most popular products from the Faber range

Faber Clean Wood Review

The dirt that builds up on the surfaces in the building, be they floors, worktops, cabinets or closets, is a threat to their structure. For instance, with the floors, the soiling particles get ground against the surface as people walk on it, slowly abrading the finish coats that had been applied. The floor loses its gloss, dragging down the ambience of the interior space. It’s not just about the looks here. With prolonged abrasion, the finish coats give way to the underlying structure. For parquet and wood floors, this is particularly problematic, given the nature of the material. Without sufficient protection, they become susceptible to issues ranging from cracks and scratches, to water damage like cupping, crowning and warping. The water damage is as a result of too much moisture being absorbed into the material. They are costly to resolve. Neglecting the routine cleaning will increase the frequency of the sanding and refinishing that will be required, while in worse cases entire floorboards end up needing to be replaced. All this is because of mistakes made along the way- a path that could have been avoided had the proper maintenance measures been put in place. Daily cleaning and maintenance are key for the installations, with the frequency increasing for those high traffic establishments. For these, you can use products like the Faber Clean Wood. 

The choice of cleaner here is a curial factor. Conventional products like all-purpose cleaners, to the DIY formulations like vinegar, bleach and ammonia-based solutions, can end up ruining your installation. From dulling of the wood to outright corrosion of the finish coats that had been applied, and the damage of the wood itself- this is not how you want things to turn out. Water is also an issue. While it’s known as the universal cleaning solvent, water wreaks havoc on wood installations. The material is hygroscopic, absorbing the water into its tissue structure. Swelling ensues, putting a strain on the joints of the boards, causing more harm. You want to work with a product that has been specially developed for the task- though you also don’t want to have to break the bank to do it. The market is also awash with numerous formulations. You want quality and efficiency, and you can get that from reputable brands like Faber, which has been providing surface care products for decades. This review looks at the Faber Clean Wood, and what you can expect from it:

Benefits Of The Faber Clean Wood

  1. Effective cleaner

First, you want to be sure that you can get rid of the grime that is accumulating on the surfaces of your home or workspace and restore that appealing look to your installation. The Faber Clean Wood delivers on its mandate. This detergent is suitable for daily cleaning tasks, allowing you to ensure that your installations remain at their optimal. That way, you get to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the interior space, while warding off the degradation effects that are attributed to the gritty soiling. What’s more, there won’t be a sticky substance left behind on the surface., enabling the area that has been worked on to remain cleaner for longer. 

  1. Safe formulation

Parquet flooring and wood surfaces, in general, are sensitive to the cleaning agents that can be used on them. Working with harsh cleaners that are effective on other installations- like the stone and tile structures in the building, can end up damaging the wood. With the Faber Clean Wood, that won’t be a cause for concern. This product has been developed to be safe for the installation, getting rid of the dirt and grime without putting the underlying parquet or wood surfaces at risk. It has a pH of 7.5 ± 0.5 depending on the dilution ratio that is used. This allows you to proceed with the cleaning task with the peace of mind that your installation won’t be at jeopardy. It even makes the cleaning task safe for the personnel carrying it out. Aspects like toxic fumes being generated into the indoor space won’t be a concern here. 

  1. Quick and easy to use

Simply dilute the Faber Clean Wood and proceed to work on the area as normal. You can use conventional tools like cloths and mops to apply the product. This formulation can be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, meaning that you can rely on it to get rid of the grime that’s on anything from the floors to the cabinets, closets and doors. For the dilution ratio, the amount that is used will be determined by the soiling conditions that are involved. Generally, 50 to 100 grams of the Faber Clean Wood are mixed with 5 litres of water. With this, there will be no stains or marks that will remain on the installation, which even takes away the need for rinsing. This cuts down the amount of time and resources that go into the daily maintenance of the installations. 

  1. Green cleaning

With the Faber Clean Wood, you get to work on the surfaces and take care of Mother Nature at the same time. This unit is part of the Greentech line of Faber products, and is 100% water based. It has been developed using biodegradable plant-based materials (and the ingredients are Ecolabel certified or recognised). The formulation is even contained in a 1 litre biodegradable container. This makes it an eco-friendly choice to include in your cleaning kit. 

  1. Value for your money

When it comes to daily cleaning tasks, you want a product that can be used on a wide area at a go, and that comes at an affordable price. You get that with the Faber Clean Wood. It’s a budget-friendly product, and each litre of the formulation can be used on as much as 1000m² of surface. Moreover, employing this product to remove the soiling that is accumulating on the surfaces prolongs the life of the different installations, and you get to avoid hefty repair and replacement costs that are caused by the damage that would have ensued had the installation been neglected. 

Faber Clean Wood Review

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