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Domestic and commercial universal cleaning products. Highly concentrated general cleaning products from Evans, Craftex, Cleanfast, Bona & others

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901 PRO FV Solar Cleaner | Nano Technology

Solar Panel Cleaner | Nano Technology100% biodegradable degreaser designed to clean and protect solar panelsManufactured from premium quality Nano technology materials / componentsSpecifically designe..

Cleanfast Clean & Fresh Multi Purpose Cleaner

Cleanfast Clean & Fresh Multi Purpose Cleaner -universal multi purpose cleaner suitable for all surfaces-suitable for cleaning and sanitising floors, walls, furniture-this product contains a ..

Cleanfast Con Clean Acid Cleaner

Cleanfast Con Clean Acid Cleaner *** not suitable for delivery. Collection only*** -highly efficient and highly efficient general acid cleaner-suitable for removing mortar splashes from bric..

Cleanfast Lemon Gel

Cleanfast Lemon GelNeutral professional floor cleaner and floor maintainerHighly concentrated and suitable to use on all floor typesNeutral PH, a gel like composition and 1 to 200 dilution ratioCan be..

Cleanfast Millster Sterilizing Fluid

Cleanfast Millster Sterilizing FluidUniversal disinfectant and sterilizing fluidSuitable to use on most washable surfacesA sodium hypochlorite based cleaning solutionSafe for use in food preparation a..

Cleanfast Multi Clean All Purpose Sanitizer 5L

Cleanfast Multi Clean All Purpose Sanitizer 5L-professional all-purpose cleaner and sanitizer-the 750 ML spray bottle is ready to use-designed for cleaning all types of hard surfaces-efficient on glas..

Cleanfast Pine Disinfectant

Cleanfast Pine DisinfectantThe cheapest disinfectant available from CleanfastPremium results guaranteed when used correctlyGeneral purpose disinfectant for drains, toilets, sinksTo be used for daily f..

Cleanfast Pine Gel PH 13

Cleanfast Pine GelGeneral purpose cleaner and multi surface disinfectantIt is suitable for cleaning all types of washable surfacesRecommended for cleaning floor tiles, bathrooms, bins, sinksThe cheape..

Cleanfast Sani-Clean Sanitizer Food Safe Detergent

Cleanfast Sani-Clean Multi Purpose Sanitizer & Degreaser 5L-food safe multi purpose sanitizer and degreaser from Cleanfast-effective against a wide range of bad bacteria, fungi and viruses-to be u..

Craftex Champion Lemon 5l

 Craftex Champion Lemon-heavy duty multi purpose cleaner and degreaser-suitable for deep cleaning and maintenance jobs-it will clean and disinfect most types of hard surfaces-this highly efficien..

Craftex Champion Multi Purpose Cleaner 5L

Craftex Champion Multi Purpose Cleaner 5L-professional multi purpose cleaner and kitchen degreaser-suitable for daily maintenance or heavy duty cleaning jobs-it will remove grease, waxes, smoke damage..

Craftex Champion Ultra 5L

Craftex Champion Ultra Degreaser 5L-superb quality multi purpose general cleaner-it is suitable to use on all washable surfaces-very efficient degreaser and oil stains remover-suitable for commercial ..

Craftex Micro Kill

Craftex Micro Kill-super efficient anti bacterial and virucidal cleaner-recommended for hospitals, nursing homes, bars-market leader for its high dilution rate - 1 to 200 -efficient on floors, wa..

Cream Cleanser Polishing Cream 500ML

Evans Cream CleanserHighly effective kitchen cleaning & kitchen surface polishing creamSuitable for deep cleaning all types of soft and hard kitchen surfacesAlso suitable for cleaning and polishin..
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Dirtbusters Stove Polish 250 ML

Dirtbusters Stove Polish 250 MLNon toxic, fume free and very long lasting stove polish from DirtbustersIt creates a black soft sheen on the stove, grates and the fire surroundsCompatible with all type..
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