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Solar Panel Cleaner | Nano Technology

  • 100% biodegradable degreaser designed to clean and protect solar panels

  • Manufactured from premium quality Nano technology materials / components

  • Specifically designed to replace dangerous and flammable harsh chemicals

  • Removes grease, waxes, organic growth & all kinds of impurities with ease

  • Leaves the surface of the solar panels spotless, residue free and streak free

  • A highly concentrated cleaner suitable for cleaning photovoltaic & thermal cells

  • The applied nano protection increases the energy performance of the device

  • Increase your solar panel results & get effective protection nano impregnation

  • A low cost cleaning agent compatible with all types of solar panels & glass

Solar Panel Cleaner | Nano Technology | How Does It Work

Specifically developed as a SAFE, 100% BIODEGRADABLE DEGREASER replacing flammable, toxic and carcinogenic thinners and degreasers. It removes and decreases the whole spectrum of organic and inorganic impurities, such as waxes, greasy impurities and waste from local infrastructures. 901 PRO PV Solar Cleaner NANO is a residual degreaser with a high degreasing force of "2-4 min.", With optimal evaporation and a significant improvement in optical properties.

EFFICIENCY | 901 PRO FV Solar Cleaner nano was developed and tested on a laboratory PV model and tested in practice for a long time. In the group where the application was performed once a year, an increase in the performance of the monocrystalline cell by 1.9% was measured under almost ideal conditions in the locality with almost no pollution caused by organic and inorganic impurities. In the sample of the group polluted by long-term precipitation of organic and inorganic impurities in the locality with a high value of pollution, an increase in output from 8% upwards was repeatedly measured after application. The usual increase in performance at the average pollution level and application frequency once a year is 4% or more. We remind you that more frequent application is necessary especially in industrial and agricultural areas and around busy roads. Another problem is the period of flowering grasses and trees, when there is a massive development of pollen and resins.

Solar Panel Cleaner | Nano Technology | Where To Use

Compatible with all types of solar panels and photovoltaic & thermal cells. To be diluted 1 to 100 before use. Regular maintenance with the new Solar Panel Cleaner | Nano Technology increases the solar panel energy efficiency and it prevents residue build up. It can be used in conjunction with a reach & wash system or a special soft car washing brush. A new and innovative solar panel cleaning product designed to protect and enhance the existing finish on your solar panel. Suitable for commercial and residential use.

Solar Panel Cleaner | Nano Technology | Why Use It

Using acidic or harsh chemicals on the surface of your solar panel might dull up the surface and reduce its energy efficiency. Avoid such problems by using the new Solar Panel Cleaner | Nano Technology. A great way of generating as much energy as possible for your home or business

Solar Panel Cleaner | Nano Technology

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