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Nordicare Furniture Polish 

  • Professional cleaner and furniture polish manufactured from eco-friendly components

  • It can be used for regular cleaning and maintenance of all glossy furniture & surfaces

  • It increases the gloss levels while protecting the surface against dirt and spillages

  • Compatible with all antique furniture, new furniture, varnished and polished furniture

  • To be applied with a clean microfiber cleaning cloth & then polished with another cloth

  • The surface treated with the new Nordicare Furniture Polish will look special and rich

  • A very small quantity of furniture polish will cover a very large surface of polished wood

  • The product is highly appreciated by people who own antique or rare old furniture

  • The product will also provide protection against UV light and high levels of light exposure

  • After the surface was sealed with the Nordicare Furniture Polish will only need dusting

  • To be applied in an even coat with a clean cloth, allowed to dry 5 to 15 min, then buffing

  • The protecting coat provided by the product will waterproof and stain proof the surface

Nordicare Furniture Polish | Why Use It

All types of furniture require regular cleaning and polishing with specific products. A freshly polished piece of furniture will be easier to dust, it will absorb less dirt and it will be fully waterproofed. Without a coat of wax, the pre-existing sealer is exposed to day to day traffic and it can end up staining and discoloring over time. Especially when dealing with antique or prestigious types of wood, leaving the surface untreated and unpolished can really affect the finish. Treat your furniture with the new Nordicare Furniture Polish . It will look better, it will last for longer and it will be much easier to clean and maintain. 

Nordicare Furniture Polish | Where To Use It

This professional furniture polish is compatible with all varnished, lacquered, painted and polished types of furniture. It can also be used on all antique furniture and also on the new type of laminate furniture. The new Nordicare Furniture Polish is an eco-friendly furniture polish that contains a blend of natural oils and waxes. The product is suitable for indoor use only. The furniture does not require daily cleaning and polishing with this particular product. The gloss level of the polished surface will increase dramatically. Suitable for residential and commercial furniture polishing and furniture restoration projects. 

Nordicare Furniture Polish | How To Use

Polishing a dirty piece of furniture is never a good idea. To begin, you will need to have the furniture polish and two clean microfiber cloths. Pour a bit of the product on the surface of the furniture and start scrubbing it lightly in circular movements until all the dirt disappears and the surface has absorbed the product. Allow 5-10 minutes to dry and proceed to the dry polishing. Using the second dry microfiber cloth start polishing the surface moving in circular motions all over the surface. The gloss will appear nearly instantly. A second polishing operation can take place if the desired level of gloss is not achieved after one go. From now on the surface will only require light dusting. Re-buff the surface once per week on dry to maintain the gloss levels.

Nordicare Furniture Polish | Recommendations

The furniture has to be in decent condition and the sealer has to be intact for the furniture polishing cream to work. Polishing furniture without a sealer will not create a high gloss finish. Not compatible with oiled furniture. Do not use it on garden furniture or any outdoor furniture. Do not dilute the product and do not mix up a number of furniture polishes. Keep it well away from children. Do not forget to dry buff the furniture after about 10 minutes. The dry buffing brings up the gloss. This is a professional furniture polish manufactured by Nordicare with some of the high quality eco-friendly materials. 

Nordicare Furniture Polish 

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