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Nordicare Refrigerator Cleaner 500 ML

  • Food safe refrigerator cleaner and disinfectant from Nordicare

  • A fine quality cleaner that will disinfect, kill odours and sanitize

  • 100% safe for humans and animals and odour free, ready to use

  • The product will remove mould, yeast fungi and most bacteria

  • Suitable for heavy duty domestic use and light commercial use

  • It contains no alcohol, no harmful chemicals, not bleach based

  • One of the greenest refrigerator cleaners and disinfectants

  • Regular use will prevent bacteria and odours from developing

  • PH neutral, sold in a 500 ML spray bottle, just spray and wipe

  • Only use when the refrigerator is empty | Do not spray on food

  • Manufactured by Nordicare in Denmark with the best materials

Nordicare Refrigerator Cleaner 500 ML | Why Use It

When cleaning refrigerators and generally all places where food is stored or prepared, it is essential to use “food safe” products that will not poison the food directly or through the residue left on the surface and also non perfumed cleaners. The new Nordicare Refrigerator Cleaner 500 ML is a top quality eco-friendly refrigerator cleaner suitable for cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing refrigerators. The product is safe, effective and it is highly affordable. A product suitable for all kinds of residential refrigerator cleaning and maintaining. One of the very few products that safely removes mould, yeast fungi and neutralizes the bacteria that generates odour inside the refrigerator.

Nordicare Refrigerator Cleaner 500 ML | Where To Use It

It can be used to deep clean and maintain all kinds of refrigerators, freezers, microwaves and other items where food is being prepared or stored. It can also be successfully used to deep clean commercial refrigerator shelving, racks and walls. Removing black mould from the walls of the refrigerator was never safer or more effective. Highly efficient, low cost and very easy to use. There is little wonder why the new Nordicare Refrigerator Cleaner 500 ML is taking over the market. 

Nordicare Refrigerator Cleaner 500 ML | How To Use It

There are two ways of using the new Nordicare Refrigerator Cleaner 500 ML, it can be used for deep cleaning projects and also for light cleaning or maintenance products. 

  1. Light Cleaning Projects : A spray and wipe system is the most effective way of using it. Assuming that the refrigerator is not in very bad shape and it does not require odour kill, then a spray and wipe with a microfiber cloth is the fastest and most efficient way of using it. Spray, allow 3-5 seconds of direct contact, wipe it off.

  2. Deep Cleaning Projects : Assuming that the refrigerator is in a bad way, has a strong food odour and has mould all over the walls, then a deep cleaning is required. Empty the whole refrigerator, unplug it and spray it well all over the walls, shelving and all the storage areas. Do not touch it for 15 minutes. The product needs time to neutralize the odour and remove the black mould stains. About 15 minutes later lightly scrub the whole refrigerator with a green catering scourer and then use a light colored microfiber cloth to extract the waste. If needed, repeat the operation.

While the product is 100% food safe and it contains no harmful chemicals, spraying it directly on the food is not recommended. The product is ready to use and it does not require dilution. Before using it make sure to twist the spray nozzle on “spray” mode. 

Nordicare Refrigerator Cleaner 500 ML | Recommendation

The product is not suitable for heavy duty industrial use. The product has to be used without any dilution. Do not mix up a number of cleaning products to avoid unwanted reactions. Keep away from children and pets. Store in a cool and dry place.

Nordicare Refrigerator Cleaner 500 ML

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