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Cleanfast Millfrid Anti-Bac Hand Soap

  • Professional quality perfume free antibacterial hand soap 

  • Suitable for domestic, industrial and commercial hand washing

  • Compatible with all manual and automatic soap dispensers

  • Manufactured in Ireland, available in 5L, low cost, low foam

  • It will remove general dirt with ease and soften skin

  • Highly popular with the catering and food processing industry

  • Colourless, odourless, free from harsh chemicals, long lasting

Cleanfast Millfrid Anti-Bac Hand Soap - Where to use

The ideal hand soap and hand disinfectant for factories, garages, food preparation areas, shops, commercial & industrial use. It contains an anti-microbial agent effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria. Cleanfast Millfrid Anti-Bac Hand Soap can be used with all automatic and manual hand soap dispensers or with a pelican pump. It will clean quickly and it will leave the skin moisturised. Its gel-like composition prevents waste and makes this product highly cost effective. Available in 5 L bottles.

Cleanfast Millfrid Anti-Bac Hand Soap - How to use

If you are using this professional hand soap in a factory or an industrial building, it is best used with a pelican pump. For smaller units & shops you should add the hand soap to a soap dispenser. One tiny drop of soap is more than enough to clean and disinfect your hands. It will also remove grease & general factory oils. Press the pump head or the soap dispenser button once and start rubbing your hands together. Use warm water to achieve better results. Rinse off well and your hands are fully disinfected and dirt free.

A low cost anti-bacterial hand soap that will last for very long periods of time. Free from harsh chemicals, perfume free and it will not leave sticky residue on your hands. This product is manufactured in Ireland. 

Cleanfast Millfrid Anti-Bac Hand Soap

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