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Evans Orchard Fresh Hand Soap - 500ML


-professional quality hand soap & body wash

-luxury soap highly recommended for executive bathrooms

-it will deep clean and soften the skin after one wash

-its gel like composition makes it very long lasting

-it is suitable for hand, hair and body washing

-the pump dispenser is made from quality materials

-suitable for gyms, restaurants, bars, offices, schools, etc


Evans Orchard Fresh Hand, Hair & Body Soap


Evans Orchard fresh hand soap

Hands are one of the body parts that are exposed to germs the most. At the same time, it is the hands that are used to handle every food product that you consume. Keeping your hands clean with simple cleaning routine can help you and your family avoid getting ill and spreading germs to others. Many diseases are spread by not washing hands after visiting the washroom closet. Adults and children should make washing hands part of their lifestyle. Washing hands with soap and running water will keep you healthy and free from skin conditions caused by bacteria. In places that running water is not accessible; one can use water and the available stored water.


Schools and other public places are embracing hygiene culture by putting soap next to their sinks for people use to clean their hands. The practice is to eliminate chances of spreading germs from one person to the other. Finding the right soap that kills germs instantly is the first step in reducing bacteria related diseases.


Unique features of the Orchard fresh hand soap.

• Superior, clear liquid for hand, hair and body wash.

• Produces a creamy lather and a refreshing cleansing action.

• Contains a moisturizer that protects the skin.

• It has various fragrances such as grapefruit, mandarin, and apple.

• Ideal addition to any washroom

• Suitable for refillable wall mount soap dispensers.


How orchard fresh hand soap works

Orchard fresh hand soap is mostly placed on sinks and people use it with ease. With a drop of the hand soap, rub your hand to form lather that kills germs. The lather kills the germs and leaves your hands free of bacteria. Rinse your hands under running water and dry with a clean towel. The moisturizer in the orchard fresh hand soap is enough to keep your hands soft and free from skin irritation.


When does one use Orchard fresh hand soap?

• Before eating food

• Before, during and after preparing meals

• Before and after caring for a sick person

• After visiting a hospital and its environs.

• Before and treating a cut wound.

• After visiting the toilet

• After changing a baby’s diaper

• After blowing up your nose, sneezing or coughing

• After handling animals, animal feeds or animal waste.

• After handling pet foods.

• After handling garbage


Many occasions require one to wash his/her hands using the Orchard fresh hand soap. As soon as you remember, you had not cleaned your hands when there was need wash immediately. That will prevent any further spreading of germs.


How should you wash your hands using orchard fresh hand soap?

• Wet your hands with running water which should be clean. The water can be warm or cold

• Close the tap and squeeze a drop of orchard fresh hand wash in your palm

• Lather your hands by rubbing your hands together in a circular motion.Rub the back of your hands, on your nail beds and your jewelry.

• Scrub your hands for close to 20-30 seconds. You can use a timer if you want but pay close attention to clearing all the dirt on your hands.

• Rinse your hands under clean running water until all the lather is out.

• You can repeat the process if there are spots of dirt that you did not scrub off.

• Dry your hands with a clean towel.


Benefits of using Orchard fresh hand soap


• Time saver. With a drop of orchard fresh hand soap, it will take you around 30 seconds to get your hands clean.

• Orchard fresh hand soap has ingredients that improve the skin appearance while at the same time moisturizing it.

• It prevents skin itchiness and dryness.

• Research shows that schools that have put orchard fresh hand soap in their soap dispenser have a reduced number of absenteeism caused by stomach related complications.

• It is easy to teach kids to wash their hands since they enjoy forming lather on their hands.

• Reduces transmission in medical settings. Hand washing is very vital in hospitals. Hospital staffs use orchard fresh hand soap before treating patients and after reduce transmission of bacteria and viruses from one patient to another.

• Reduces risk of diarrhea and intestinal problems. Washing hands using orchard fresh hand soap lowers the risk of developing intestinal infections especially in children.

• Hand washing using orchard fresh soap reduces chances of developing acute respiratory infections. The pathogens that cause respiratory complications are found on surfaces and hands.

• Prevents eye infections. Eye infections such as trachoma are caused by bacteria and can be reduced by regular washing of hands with orchard fresh hand soap.


Why is orchard fresh hand soap necessary?

Washing your hand with enough soap and water will remove a substantially a lot of illness-causing pathogens that washing with soap alone. For people who find soaps irritating their skin or leaving it too dry should use hand soap with low PH such as orchard fresh hand soap. Change soaps if the one you are using does not work for you. Remember hand soaps can have different PH, alkaline, perfume and acidity


How to take care of your hands.

Orchard fresh hand soap may free your hands from harmful bacteria, but you have to take an extra step always to practice proper hygiene. Looking after your skin is vital as the skin is the barrier of most infections.

• Apply a skin friendly cream three to four times a day or frequent if you come into contact often.

• Use gloves while doing your dishes to prevent your skin from dish washing detergent that may cause corrosion on your hands.

• Use gloves when attending to your gardening to prevent scratches to your skin and hands.

• Consult your physician if a skin irritation develops.


Caution when using orchard fresh soap.

• Do not use orchard fresh soap on fresh cut wounds or damaged skin.

• If ingested, rinse your mouth with plenty of water and visit the nearest hospital.

• Keep off from toddlers.  

Things to remember about orchard fresh soap.

• Proper use of the soap while washing your hands can protect you and your family from a range of diseases.

• It does not cause a mess on since especially at workplaces.

• Always wash your hands carefully with plenty of water.


 Orchard Fresh Hand Soap - Professional results for less!




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